A Virtual Tour of the SGWS Garden

Spring Garden children often take walks around the grounds in the morning and there are many beautiful things to see and watch.  Mr. Grimes’ new garden is also a popular place with the children.

The left bed of the garden is adorned with sunflowers, marigolds, cosmos, nasturtium, and zinnias. The right side is cover crop which is visually interesting too.  On both sides, a plethora of insect life is thriving…assassin beetles, ladybugs, butterflies, green things, iridescent things…and yes…bees.

The right side plays guest to a different variety of insect life…alfalfa, clover and fava beans are in that row.  On the right side row, children are encouraged to pick the tiny purple flowers, but just the purple flowers; not the purple and white ones. Teachers often tell the little ones that the gnomes have a much easier time in the spring if they help them do this job.

The east side of the garden is the pumpkin patch, where mysterious round objects of various sizes peek out from the foliage. These objects are in the process of serious transformation and one can see changes in size and color virtually on a daily basis. The children will be able to help come harvest time.


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