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Waldorf schools are a cohesive effort of many groups of people working together in community for the health and education of the students. The three most visible groups at Spring Garden are the Faculty, the Board of Trustees, and the Parents.
The Faculty educates the children’s head, heart and hands to help them develop clarity of thought, a caring heart and the confidence to initiate change as they move into the world.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial and legal health of the school. Our Board of Trustees in made up of community members, faculty and parents.

The Parents support the school by attending class meetings, parent meetings, lectures and other opportunities to further their knowledge of the developing child and Waldorf education. Our parents are active in the school with most donating over thirty hours of service a year per family. There are many opportunities for volunteerism including building maintenance, festivals, committee work, fundraising events, sports activities and office help.


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