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Philanthropy is from a Greek term meaning “love of mankind.” You, as a parent in a Waldorf school, have made it your practice to give money and time to improve the life of the school and the experiences of the children. As you begin to think about your contributions to the Annual Giving and Capital Campaigns, we would like to share this story from SGWS Alumni, Hanna Brady (2002):

Looking Forward

My grandfather used to point out that his career didn’t exist when he was in school (he worked at the American Embassy in West Germany during the Cold War). I always took this to heart, and it turns out that my career didn’t exist when I was in school either (I work on mobile games). We can’t see the future, and the careers of our children and grandchildren may be as bamboozling and opaque to us as I am sure mine would be to my grandfather.

What we can do is prepare our children as intelligent, creative and empathetic individuals. We can teach them to be flexible and cooperative and to see the connections between the branches of human knowledge. All that and more, are what we strive for here at Spring Garden Waldorf School.

Your commitment to prepare children for what will come in the future is an ideal that connects our Spring Garden community with Waldorf schools all over the world. Your philanthropic support of the Annual Giving Campaign and the Capital Campaign are vital to our success.

The Annual Giving Campaign provides critical budgeted support for the day-to-day operations of our school. Your support is helping to keep tuition low in order to make this education attainable. Current tuition does not fully cover the cost in educating each child, resulting in a $600 gap. This provides an essential opportunity for each family to consider the value and to financially support our mission with thoughtful intention.

The Raise the Roof Capital Campaign is in its third year with $132,000 still needed to complete the final phase of the asphalt shingled, gabled roof. With your support, we have completed the initial three phases at a cost of $604,000.

We respect and honor that each family’s ability to support the campaigns will differ. Every donation is meaningful in providing the means necessary to allow us to educate children to contribute to the future of the world. Your commitment to the campaigns is also important to the foundations and business that we approach for support. Your tax deductible donations can be pledged today and paid any time prior to June 30, 2017. Thank you for being a part of our community and looking forward to the future of our school and the community.


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