Another Wonderful Children’s Festival

Smiling faces from wall to wall!

On Saturday our halls and grounds were filled with children’s laughter, uplifting music, the delightful aromas of tasty food, and the unique joy that accompanies our annual Children’s Festival and Artists’ Market.

Hey Mavis rocked the house!

Over 700 visitors from the school and the greater Akron community joined us for this delightful celebration.     We are grateful to Lerryn Campbell for once again directing the monumental task of coordinating staff, volunteers, and outside vendors, to bring this delightful day together for all to enjoy. Lerryn has risen to this challenge for many years, and the wealth of love and good spirit she brings to the task is infectious.

Cookie Fairies from the Class of 2014

We’re also grateful to the many, many volunteers who helped set up Friday night, worked in the craft rooms, served in the kitchen, and stayed after the Festival Saturday to get the building back in order. The Children’s Festival and Artists’ Market is a shining example of how we can all come together — heads, hearts, and hands — to create a magical experience for one and all.




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