Assigned Work Day FAQs

Why are you bringing back assigned work days?
Many hands make light work. Work days were/are our most effective way to accomplish larger scale projects, so we’d like to get a larger group of people here to complete necessary work. They also help with project planning and completion, building community to work together and showing the children what’s involved in supporting the school.

Do we meet as a group on that day?
Initially, yes, and then work is divided and assigned as necessary.

What work is to be done on assigned work days?
Usually it is manual labor, outdoor projects, and cleaning.

Where do we go to learn more about what work is to be done/sign up?
Mr. Vargo handles the organization of work day volunteers and will plan work according to needs of the school and number of people assigned to a day.

What if we both work and cannot attend these work days?
You can trade with another family and/or call the office to be rescheduled to a day that you are available.

Can I split my 2 hours between 2 days?
This is not ideal as the tasks are easier to complete if you can stay and work with others for the full project.

Do you ever make exceptions to this requirement?
Yes, you can choose to “buy” out your service hours if you would prefer.

Can I bring my children?
Yes! Many hands make light work.  However, we request they be of a self managing age and work alongside you.

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