Auction Donations – What Will You Donate?

TheoDonations for our 25th Annual Benefit Auction come in all forms and yesterday one of our students got to benefit from a donation made last year. The family of Theodore Martin-Powers were the lucky bidders on a Fire Marshall Experience during school hours. Theo not only got to hang out with a fireman, but was also allowed to do something every kid wants to do . . .  Pull The Fire Alarm At School!

Experience items are very popular at the auction. Our parents love to give their children interesting things to participate in throughout the year like ski or piano lessons, overnight parties hosted by parents, summer camps, or park tickets.  Any new item or experience, of any value, can be donated to our silent or live auction.

Other examples include:

  • Baskets with themes for tea, wine, toys, or homeopathy.
  • Services like babysitting, business consulting, photography or art portraits.
  • Gift Cards to local and national businesses.
  • Weekend getaways, home improvement items, etc..

What will your family donate this year? Fill out this online form to tell us about the item. We will send you a receipt and instructions about where and when to drop off the item.

If finances are too tight to donate this year, you can still be a part of this important event!

  • Ask a business owner you know if they’d be willing to donate a gift card, an item, or buy an ad.
  • Ask a business that you patronize (or simply one that you like) if they’d be willing to donate a gift card, an item, or buy an ad.
  • Donate your time as a silent auction item  – Offer leaf raking, house cleaning, or babysitting. Or co-host a dinner or other child friendly event with a friend.

Thank you to our supportive parents and greater community for making this event a sure success!

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