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It’s Auction Time!

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TreePlease mark your calendar for this year’s Spring Garden Waldorf Benefit Auction on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 5:00 pm. This 27th annual benefit, Come Together Together – Heads, Hearts, and Hands, will take place in Greystone Hall in downtown Akron.

We’re gathering volunteers now, and if you’d like to help, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator, Tyra Scott at or Auction Chair Sandy Conley ​

Here are some helpful links for more information:

Thanks so much for your support, and we hope to see you at the auction!


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GroundWorks Dance Theater Workshop

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This fall, Spring Garden welcomed GroundWorks Dance Theater into our school for a second year.  The Cleveland-based theater company first hosted an in-school workshop, followed by an on-stage workshop and student performance at the downtown Akron Library auditorium.  

GroundWorks spent time with our 5th, 6th and 7th graders exploring the nuances of the human experience through unique and adventurous choreography. Students did three unique exercises — trace letters with movement, work together in an exercise of under over and around, and also work in pairs to balance on one and three points of the body.

The students then practiced these exercises after the workshop and combined them into a dance routine.  Here are the performances from each of our three groups of SGWS students.





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SGWS Thankful for Grants

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SGWSThankYOU1Spring Garden Waldorf School bought the Indian Springs Copley School building on Jacoby Rd. back in 1994.  This flat roofed school building, built in 1962, had many roof repairs, but after 50 years, it was time for a completely new roof.

Spring Garden began its Raise the Roof Capital Campaign in 2013 to replace the school’s flat roof with a gabled, asphalt shingled roof, a project estimated to cost $736,000.00.  This gabled roof will allow for future upgrades, improved aesthetics, additional storage, and is the most fiscally responsible replacement for the long term.  Thanks to institutional funds, donations to the capital campaign, and the support of local foundations, the dream of a long lasting roof and dry school is becoming a reality.

The H.E. Graves Jr. Family Foundation has gifted the school $3,500 from Morgan and Jeremy Simmons, SGWS parents and Board member (Jeremy). Also the Waldorf Schools Fund, Inc., has gifted us with a grant of $10,500 for the roof.

In addition to this support for the Capital Campaign, the Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation, FirstMerit Bank, Trustee, has gifted us with a $1,000 grant for general school support. The Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation, FirstMerit Bank, Trustee, gifted us with a $500.00 grant for general support as well.

Our heartfelt thanks to all these generous foundations that are helping us provide the highest quality Waldorf Education to our students.



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SGWS Basketball Schedules

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The Basketball schedules for the Boys and Girls teams are below.  Please remember that athletes Must arrive 30 min. prior to the scheduled time of the start of the game. If your athlete for some reason (sickness, injury, or family emergency) needs to miss a game, please contact Nancy Stewart or the head coach asap.


GIRLS:   Click for Full, Larger Version:






BOYS: Click for Full, Larger Version:








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Why We Give to SGWS

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by Firouz and Kristen Daneshgari

DaneshgariHaving spent 8 years as a part of the Spring Garden community, and seeing how it feeds the souls of both children, their parents, and even extended family, I am honored to support an institution that gives so much in return.

Although there is much difference of opinion in every aspect of school and community life here, the degree of support from and interaction with fellow parents, staff and teachers, provides much fertile ground for personal and societal growth and understanding. I will always consider myself and our family a part of Spring Garden’s family, as well.

The following are just a few benefits our children have gained by attending school at SGWS:

  • Learning to think independently
  • Learning a versatile approach to thinking/problem solving
  • Developing respect for our surroundings, other people and life
  • Discovering how to have good relationships through honesty – develops by
  • spending years with many of the same classmates and teachers
  • Tolerance
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