Back to School Guide At-a-Glance

Rose2012-22We hit the ground running on Tuesday, August 27th. Here are some things to keep in mind.

You can find the School Calendar HERE. It’s permanently hosted on the school website under the “Parents” tab.

The Welcome Back Dinner is Friday the 23rd at 6:30. If you are new to the school, please come at 6:00 for a quick orientation.

The First Day: On the first day of school, first thing, we host the Rose Ceremony — a welcome to school ceremony for first graders where they meet their 8th grade buddies. The ceremony is typically held on the stage outside next to the meadow. All parents are welcome. All students (except our young Early Childhood students) attend. Only class 1 and 8 actively participate.  Learn More HERE.

The Last Day of Week 1: We have early dismissal on Friday the 30th in honor of Labor Day. Pick your children up, as usual, but at 2:00 instead of 3:20.

Class Meetings / Mark your Calendar: After the second week of school is over, Teachers will host class meetings. These highly informative meetings are mandatory and child care is offered. They occur Sept. 10th for grades 1,3,5&7. They occur Sept. 17th for grades 2,4,6&8. Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 and take one hour.

Here are some helpful blog posts from year’s past:

Have more questions? Contact your Class Teacher and/or Parent Council Rep. And don’t forget to ask your fellow parents!

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