SGWS Alumni is FHS Valedictorian

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1c73b1ba5a3907bbf408431b3510773f_viewCongratulations to Spring Garden Waldorf Alumni, John Beck, who graduated valedictorian from the Firestone High School International Baccalaureate program.

John was one of 20 valedictorians in his class of 251 who had received a 4.0 or higher at graduation. John will be attending Ohio State University in the fall and was a student of Marie Paul here at Spring Garden.

Congratulations, John! We at SGWS are proud of your accomplishments!

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Alumni in The News

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Sophia Kostoff pictured, third from left, at award ceremony.

Sophia Kostoff pictured, third from left, at award ceremony.

Congratulations to juniors Willow Campbell and Sophia Kostoff on their academic accolades this year in High School. Both ladies are former students of Waldorf teacher Theo Michaels.

Sophia is a junior at Our Lady of the Elms who is in the news for her award winning academics. She received an award for both her outstanding performance and academic excellence in Spanish and Global Studies. And also the Wellesley college book award.

Willow has been recognized for her writing prowess on the Varsity Power of the Pen Team at Kent Roosevelt High School.  Willow and her fellow team writers won first prize in the 2016 PenOhio Northeast Regional High School Writing Team Championships.

Congratulations Ladies!

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Accomplished Alumni Graduating College

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JulieCongratulations to three graduating college students and former SGWS alum.

HannahJulie Chlysta has graduated Magna Cum Laude with Degrees in Anthropology and French from Kent State University. Briana Edgerton has earned her degree in Geology from Allegheny College. And Hannah Schurr has received a Masters in Managerial and Leadership Communication Studies from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Both Julie and Hannah had Ms. Hunko as their SGWS teacher. Brianna was a student of Royse Crall. Great work ladies!






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Scholastic Art Award Winners

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Congratulations to SGWS current students and alumni for their participation and recognition in the Scholastic Art awards competition. Current SGWS student, Cameron Knotek-Black and alumnus Kira Cseak, Caroline Edwards, Emma Hecky and Grace Hecky all received awards.

Winning students could receive three types of recognition for their work.

  • Honorable Mention: Artwork demonstrating creative potential.
  • Silver Key Award: Artwork demonstrating achievement worth of recognition on the regional level.  Students are recognized with Silver Key lapel pins and certificates.
  • Gold Key Award: Artwork demonstrating the highest levels of achievement in technique, originality, and personal voice.  Gold Key art is forwarded to New York City for National Adjudication.  Students are recognized with Gold Key lapel pins and certificates

Kira Cseak: Silver Key Award, Firestone High School

Caroline Edwards: Gold Key Award and four honorable mentions, Revere High School

Grace Hecky: Silver Key Award and one honorable mention, Copley High School

Emma Hecky: Honorable Mention, Copley High School

Cameron Knotek-Black, Honorable Mention, Spring Garden Waldorf School

Congratulations to all our artists!  See some of their pieces below:

Cameron Knotek-Black

Cameron Knotek-Black




Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards


Grace Hecky

Grace Hecky




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IOWA Testing at Spring Garden

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IOWAtestWhile the majority of the assessments at Spring Garden Waldorf school are done through observation and without formal testing, we do administer the IOWA Test of Basic Skills once a year, to 4th through 8th graders, for specific academic feedback.

The unique unfolding of the Waldorf curriculum through the grades creates some discrepancies between the areas being measured on the tests and our learning goals, so we give the students only sections applicable by grade level.

  • We do not test children before Grade Four.
  • 4th Grade students will take the Language Arts and Mathematics sections of the test. The students in 4th grade are not timed while taking the tests.
  • 5th & 6th Grade students will take the Language Arts, and Mathematics sections of the test with timing parameters to increase the validity of the data received as well as to provide the students with exposure to this kind of experience.
  • 7th & 8th Grade students will take all sections of the test and follow the required time limits.

We do not use the testing scores for evaluations of teachers or students, but do use them to compare individual and class progress from year to year as we move through our Waldorf curriculum. We also have, in years past, used IOWA test scores for our own research and study purposes.

Last year we completed an independent five-year study of SGWS students’ IOWA test scores. The analysis, conducted by the University of Akron Business Analytics department, found that test scores at Spring Garden rose as students rose in grade level, and that student’s national percentile ranks also increased as they moved through the grades.

Impressively, by Grade Eight, SGWS students well outperformed their same-age and same-grade peers nationally who took the IOWA tests.

  • 50% of SGWS Grade Eight students tested at a 13th grade equivalency, the grade level at which the IOWA test is capped.
  • 75% of SGWS Grade Eight students performed significantly above 10th grade equivalency.
  • Also notable… there were no significant differences in the performance of male vs. female students at Spring Garden Waldorf School.

This year, students will be given the IOWA test during between February 29th and March 4th. Parents are encouraged to let their children know that this is just another experience for them and that they need not be concerned about outcome.

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SGWS Alum awarded Dean’s Scholarship to The College of Wooster

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We sat down with high school senior and SGWS alumni, Cami Miller, to talk about her recent success in high school and her merit scholarship to The College of Wooster.

CamiboxQ: Tell us a little about your elementary school experience at SGWS.  Looking back, was there anything in particular about it that you now find beneficial as you make decisions in life?   

A: I attended SGWS from the end of third grade through sixth grade, at which time I transferred to the Honolulu Waldorf School. SGWS is still by far my favorite school I have ever attended. The friends and teachers I met there have impacted my life in an amazing way.  I came to SGWS stressed out from public school and considered a slow reader by their standards. By the end of my SGWS experience I was a care-free, engaged sixth grader who read at a high school level. Spring Garden taught me to love learning and reading which is something I have carried into my high school years.   


Q: What was your journey at St. Vincent’s and how did that lead / contribute to your being awarded the Dean’s Scholarship for the College of Wooster?

A: I came into St. Vincent- St. Mary High School a very eager student. My freshman year I was a three sport athlete in the honors track academically. Throughout the next two years I was able to find my groove at the school. I began to focus more on volleyball and I gave up basketball and track. I played for my school and for Junior Olympic clubs and I am very happy to say I will be continuing to play volleyball at The College of Wooster. I also became more active in the clubs at STVM. I became involved in Spanish Club, Multicultural Club, National Honors Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. This year I started volunteering regularly at the Haven of Rest with some of my classmates and teachers. All of my clubs and extracurricular activities have allowed me to find a few of my passions including helping others and exploring different cultures. Academically, I have worked hard and had very good outcomes over the years. I have made Honor Roll every quarter of high school and I have received multiple Excellence Awards in a few subjects including math and English. I think that my diverse activities and strong work ethic is what lead to me receiving the Dean’s Scholarship.


Q: How do you feel about receiving this scholarship?   

A: I am extremely proud to have received the Dean’s Scholarship. It makes me very happy to see my hard work pay off. It also makes me confident that my hard work in college will hopefully lead to great things later in the work field.


Q: What do you plan to study in college?

A: I have not decided on a major yet, but I am interested in anthropology and at least one other language. I love learning about and experiencing new cultures. It is a dream of mine to be bilingual and one day live in a another country. My language of choice right now is Spanish because I have been taking it since third grade and I love it. My second choice is German because this past summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Germany and meet my family that I have living there. Another reason I am interested in foreign languages is because I hope to be able to enter the Peace Corp after college and knowing another language is very helpful with that. With whatever I end up studying I hope I will have to opportunity to travel the world and help people.


Q: What advice would you give to other SGWS students, say our eighth graders about to go off to high school … about the transition, the high school years, and then choosing/applying to college?

A: To all of the eighth graders at SGWS: enjoy your time at that school. There’s no place quite like it. High school might seem big and scary to you now (trust me I was terrified), but don’t stress about it too much. Just take it one step at a time and enjoy each moment. It passes by in the blink of an eye! Find what you love and work hard at it, it makes time go by and memories that last forever.


Thanks Cami and congratulations on becoming an inspiring young woman.  Good luck at The College of Wooster!




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