Alumni in The News

Congratulations to juniors Willow Campbell and Sophia Kostoff on their academic accolades this year in High School. Both ladies are former students of Waldorf teacher Theo Michaels. Sophia is a junior at Our Lady of the Elms who is in the news for her award winning academics. She received an award for both her outstanding performance […]

Accomplished Alumni Graduating College

  Congratulations to three graduating college students and former SGWS alum. Julie Chlysta has graduated Magna Cum Laude with Degrees in Anthropology and French from Kent State University. Briana Edgerton has earned her degree in Geology from Allegheny College. And Hannah Schurr has received a Masters in Managerial and Leadership Communication Studies from Edinboro University […]

Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations to SGWS current students and alumni for their participation and recognition in the Scholastic Art awards competition. Current SGWS student, Cameron Knotek-Black and alumnus Kira Cseak, Caroline Edwards, Emma Hecky and Grace Hecky all received awards. Winning students could receive three types of recognition for their work. Honorable Mention: Artwork demonstrating creative potential. Silver […]

Why We Give to SGWS

  by Firouz and Kristen Daneshgari Having spent 8 years as a part of the Spring Garden community, and seeing how it feeds the souls of both children, their parents, and even extended family, I am honored to support an institution that gives so much in return. Although there is much difference of opinion in […]

Alumni Thespians in the News

Three accomplished SGWS graduates — Sarah Caley, Jerome Hume, and Alec Soudry — are performing this week in the Archbishop Hoban High School Theater Series performance of ‘The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.’ Jerome is playing the part of Waldo, Sarah is Ball, and Alec is the voice of the Minister. The play is based […]

SGWS Alumni: Senior Students in the News

  Our first senior in the news is Spring Garden alumni Jenna Skye Furpahs, who graduated this year from Kent State University’s School of Fashion. Jenna displayed her design work at Kent’s 2015 fashion show, FS2: Visionnaire, which featured 17 collections and 55 individual looks created by 58 student designers. Jenna’s collection “Brazen” earned both […]

SGWS Honors Aubrey Tingler

This year at our 26th Annual Benefit Auction, we will honor and award an alumni who has made a difference and brought about positive change in the world. “The Waldorf Difference” award is being given to Akron native and Emory University Student, Aubrey Tingler, for her work and study in environmental science and sustainability. Aubrey is planning […]

Scholarship for Alumnus Aramay Moss  

Our own Aramay Moss spent the summer in NYC on scholarship to Barnard College’s early college program.  She spent four weeks living in the big apple, taking classes at Barnard, and getting some amazing references from her teachers for college applications. “Aramay was one of the strongest writers in the class and it was a […]

SGWS Congratulates Successful Siblings

Megan Hungerman, Class of ’89, and her brother Daniel, class of ’92, have both become professors. Megan teaches philosophy courses at West Virginia University, with specialties in continental philosophy, the philosophy of literature, phenomenology, existentialism, and feminism. Megan is also an animal rescue advocate and volunteer. Daniel is Assistant Professor of Economics and Econometrics at the […]