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Meet your Parent Council

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TreeThe PC is a supportive body of the school that promotes community enrichment and communication. It also acts as a constructive link between the Board of Trustees, the Faculty, and the parent body at large.  Each representative acts as the voice for the entire class he/she represents.  The President and President Elect each serve on the Board of Trustees.

Each representative is responsible for communicating pertinent information gained at each monthly Parent Council meeting to his/her respective class.

Here are the Parent Council Representatives for each Class this year:

Ms. Kathy – Susie Yoder

Ms. Julie – Kara Hoffman

Ms. Olga – Debi Huselton

Class 1 – Susan Hudson

Class 2 – Lisa Friel

Class 3 – Still Needed

Class 4 – Kelly Urbano

Class 5 – Rocky Lewis

Class 6 – Robin Anselm

Class 7 – Ann Denney

Class 8 – Julie Norman

Parent Council spearheads volunteer efforts for each of the following events:

  • Welcome Back Dinner
  • Children’s Festival
  • Annual Auction class projects
  • Parent Appreciation event.

Parent Council also facilitates minor fundraisers such as the Renaissance Faire Lunch and Silver Graphics, creates forums for parent enrichment and community building, and coordinates the production of a yearbook.


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Painting Through The Grades Workshop

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Art3Teacher, Cate Hunko, is offering a Waldorf watercolor painting workshop — Painting Through the Grades — August 11-13th from 9:00am to noon.

These classes will introduce you to the ways watercolor painting is approached throughout the grades, including subject matter, materials, and techniques. Participants will produce two or three watercolors in each session. These classes are open to adults only, not students or siblings.

Cost is $30 per session. Attendees can Sign Up for any or all sessions and pay at the door by check or charge to your SGWS MCA. You may sign up for as many sessions as you wish, but because space is very limited, please Sign Up only for sessions you are sure you will attend.

Painting through the Grades with Cate Hunko. All Sessions 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

  • August 11: Grades 1 – 3
  • August 12: Grades 4 & 5
  • August 13: Grades 6 – 8

Click Here to Register / Sign Up for Classes.

Ms. Hunko has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking, and has automotive design experience. Ms. Hunko completed her master’s degree in Waldorf education at Antioch University, and her master’s thesis was on Color Theory and Painting. Over the years, Ms. Hunko has participated in a number of Waldorf Teacher Intensives on painting and has conducted research on Steiner’s color indications. Ms. Hunko has taken two classes through the cycle of Grades 1 through 8 at Spring Garden Waldorf School.

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Important EdChoice Scholarship Information

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800px-Pencil_sharpenedThe timeline for the EdChoice Scholarship decisions from the Ohio Department of Education is as follows:
EdChoice Traditional Scholarship award letters are currently being mailed to families. When you receive your award letter, please sign and return it to SGWS as soon as possible.
EdChoice Expansion Scholarship award letters will begin to be issued next week. When you receive your award letter, please sign and return it to SGWS as soon as possible.
The Ohio Department of Education deadline for EdChoice scholarships is August 7. Students must be accepted and enrolled at SGWS before this date, in order to process the EdChoice application and have it received by the Ohio Department of Education by August 7.
If you have any questions about enrolling for EdChoice, please call or email Amy Hecky or Tyra Scott.
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SGWS Alumni: Senior Students in the News

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SGWSGradFashionCollectionOur first senior in the news is Spring Garden alumni Jenna Skye Furpahs, who graduated this year from Kent State University’s School of Fashion.

Jenna displayed her design work at Kent’s 2015 fashion show, FS2: Visionnaire, which featured 17 collections and 55 individual looks created by 58 student designers.

Jenna’s collection “Brazen” earned both the $1,500 Best in Show Award and the $500 SUEDEsays Award (sponsored by “Project Runway” star Suede, a Fashion School alumnus).

Congratulations Jenna on your amazing fashion sense and your big senior win!


HarleyOur second senior is Harley Moyer who has graduated from Firestone High School with a 4.25 GPA as a National Honor Society member. Harley was also an International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient, Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies Math & Science Student of the Year Award winner, and French Club Vice President.

Harley also excelled in athletics as a cross-country runner and track and field competitor. For cross-country, he was an Akron City Series champion as a senior, Firestone’s MVP for three years, and a Division I regional qualifier as a senior; he posted a career-best time of 16:52.79 at the regional meet.

In track and field, Harley helped Firestone win Akron City Series team championship as a senior by winning the 1,600-meter run (4:26.41), the 800 (2:03.22), and the 3,200 (10:25.18). He placed 10th at the Division I State meet in the 3,200 in at 9:27.10, a career best and a school record.

Harley plans to run at Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. Congratulations Harley! You’re clearly running towards great success!


Two SGWS alumni are graduating from Revere High School this year as well. Michael Miller is graduating in the top 10% of his class as a National Merit Commended Scholar.  He was also the National Honors Society President, a member of the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, and winner of the OSHAA Scholar Athlete Award. Varsity Tennis player and National Art Honor Society Member Griffen Hansen is also graduated from Revere High School this year.

We wish all our seniors good luck in their upcoming endeavors! Do have alumni news to report?  Please contact Amy Hecky at

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Communication at Spring Garden Waldorf School

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StaffSchools are large communities with many people and many moving parts. Because of this, it’s often difficult to know whom to talk with when you have a question or concern.

We at Spring Garden Waldorf School have worked diligently to communicate succinctly and predictably with our community through our Tuesday Note, Friday Announcements, and Parent Folders, as well as through other means such as the Parent Handbook, our blog, or signs posted throughout the building.

If you have a question and are wondering where to go with it, here is a brief review of the ideal chain communication here at SGWS.

Questions about the Classroom:

This includes curriculum and pedagogical ideas used in subject and/or main lesson classrooms.   Please speak first directly with your child’s teacher. Should you feel that you have not received appropriate resolution to your question from the teacher, you should make an appointment to meet with the Administrative Team Leader, Tracy Edwards.

Questions about Financial Matters:  

This would include tuition payments, tuition assistance, MCA account charges, etc. Please speak with the Finance Director, Julie Marchetta.

Questions about Tuition Assistance:

The Board–directed Tuition Assistance Committee, not the Finance Director, is responsible for decisions concerning Tuition Assistance. Our Finance Director, Julie Marchetta, is able to answer questions about our Tuition Assistance Policy, including application deadlines to be considered for tuition assistance.

Questions about Service Hours:

If you are unsure how to fulfill your Service Hours, please ask your child’s teacher or your Parent Council Representative, or stop in the office and speak with our Administrative Assistant, Hazel Emery. Questioning about buying out hours can be answered by the Finance Director.

Questions about Enrollment:

Any questions regarding applications, the admissions process, and required paperwork can be directed to the Director of Admissions, Amy Hecky, or the Admissions, Marketing, and Development Assistant, Tyra Scott.

Questions about Ethics or Legal Concerns:

Should parents have an ethical or legal concern with respect to school activities, they should set an appointment to meet with the Tracy Edwards, Administrative Team Leader, who will work through appropriate channels and follow up with parents when the matter is resolved.

For more detailed communication information, please consult your Parent Handbook.


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Welcome to First Grade

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Rose2012-22Your little ones are off to first grade. It’s an exciting and important time for you and your child. They are now one of the “big kids” in “real” school.

At Spring Garden, this means transitioning from the Meadow and familiar Early Childhood teachers to a new classroom, new teacher, and new playground. There will also be a new rhythm to their day.

You will receive a supply list from your teacher, and all the outdoor gear requirements will look familiar if you’ve been at Spring Garden for early childhood. School age children play outside at least three times a day in all but stormy weather. The other supplies will include extra clothes and some other items for class.


The First Day of School:
We suggest you park and walk into school with your first grader. The first grade teacher will give more specific information about first day drop-off specifics, but most parents stay that morning to see the Rose Ceremony, which takes place on the first day for all studentsRose12. This ceremony accentuates the special significance of transitioning to first grade. The young children are entering a new phase in life — where schooling and community, away from parents, will support their budding sense of self, learning, and individuality.

During this ceremony, Spring Garden pairs incoming first grade students with their responsible eighth grade buddies — a milestone for both young people in the pairing. Eighth grade students will guide their first grade buddies throughout the year in various ways, including helping the first grade during assembly, having a care-giving presence at other festivals and celebrations, and chaperoning and teaching the young children to ice skate during our spring field trip.

After the Rose Ceremony, a regular school day will commence and children can be picked up at 3:20pm.


The First Week of School:

suppliesChildren can be dropped off or walked into school by their parents between 8:15 and 8:30. Grade 1 and Grade 2 students will always have their teacher present during morning recess.  For the first few days, please walk your first grader out to greet their teacher. Once your child is comfortable coming into the school, hanging lunches outside their classroom, and putting on their outdoor clothing to go outside then they may do it on their own. If you arrive after 8:30, you must walk your child into the office to sign in and get a late pass.

Children will wear their outdoor gear every morning, including rain pants and boots, even on sunny and dry days. This is because they are welcome to sit in the wet morning dew and stomp in morning mud puddles! Being dressed in gear first thing means they are ready for play.

After the morning bell rings, children will come inside in a classroom line, take off their gear, and begin their day. For the first grader, Main Lesson begins with circle time, movement, and song. Then, when children are ready, they sit for the day’s lesson on a main subject. The main subjects (language arts, math, history, etc.) are taught in blocks that last for a set amount of weeks.  Main lesson is two hours per day and includes many activities to encourage multidisciplinary learning, including music, storytelling, writing, drawing, and conversation.

Once done with Main lesson, students enjoy a snack around 10:30 and then have their second recess time of the day. When they return from the outdoors, they begin their subject lessons with subject teachers; the schedule varies by day but is consistent each week. Your teacher can provide a subject lesson schedule, which will include Spanish, handwork, movement, music, gym, painting, lunch, recess, and in older grades, woodwork and orchestra.


Other FAQs:

Is there Before Care?

Before Care begins at 7:15. Before Care is located in the Second Grade classroom. At 8:15, children will put on their outdoor clothes with the help of the before care teacher, if needed. Early Childhood students will be walked to their class teacher, while students in the grades will be sent outside for morning recess.

Where do I park?

SlowChildrenIf you’d like to walk in with your student, come to the School Store, or speak with faculty or staff, please park in the lot on the right (near the Meadow & fence) or park to the far left against the grass near the Sports Club pavilion property. Please do not leave unattended cars in the circle drop-off area.


Where do students and/or parents walk in?

Please have students walk into the front door only, located under the overhang adjacent to the circle drop off area. The door in the Early Childhood wing is locked and is not for general entry. It is used only to take young children to and from the Meadow, and Early Childhood teachers kindly ask that students use the front door only for entry.

What if we’re late?

Children coming in after 8:30 must get signed in at the office with their caregiver and receive a late pass. Children who are tardy should proceed to their classroom once they are signed in and have a pass. They should knock on the classroom door and wait patiently to be let in.  The teacher will not disrupt the morning opening but will let the child in once opening is finished. They may need to wait a few minutes.

We look forward to seeing you on August 27th!

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