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Off to Camp Y-Noah

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photo 2 (4)Every fall, rain or shine, Spring Garden Waldorf School takes students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 on an overnight camping trip at Camp Y-Noah. Although it’s great fun and inspires camaraderie, there are academic and developmental reasons we take our older students camping.


Children get to go horseback riding, canoeing, and climbing, and they participate in team building games and sports like archery. Camp counselors are professionals in their given outdoor fields and teach students purposefully, exposing our students to adult role models who are worthy of being imitated. KidsonHorses2This experience of being taught by others who are not teachers by trade is great for older children. And in the broader scope, being out in nature and camping allows us all to connect with the natural order and the world in which we live. Students gain perspective from being outdoors and also learn in new ways about scientific phenomena, sustainable living, and much more.


Students in Grade 4 are undergoing an important developmental shift – they are beginning to see themselves as individuals in the larger world.  At around age 9 and 10, children separate more fully from their parents, question all they encounter, and look for “real” experiences so they can test their growing abilities. This is the perfect time to leave home, experience nature, and learn among its challenges. For many students, the Grade 4 trip represents their first time away from home with a group of peers. Outdoor education experiences that occur during the trip help children gain courage, compassion, and cooperation.

Here are some pictures from this year’s camp trip:

photo 4 (2)
photo 1 (4)
photo 5 (2)

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Get Involved at SGWS

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HotLunchWhether you are new to the school or a veteran parent, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to best spend your time volunteering. Many hands make light work, and everyone has a gift to offer. We look forward to spending time with you!

There is something for everyone here at SGWS — driving, gardening, building, cleaning, cooking, fundraising, working with children, and so much more.

Here are some easy ways to get involved:

    • Visit our website volunteer page, located in our Parent section HERE.
    • Check the office windows. As festivals and events come around, sign-up sheets for volunteers are placed in the lobby near or on the office windows.
    • Speak with your Parent Council Representative. Class meetings are a great time to volunteer, and your Parent Council Rep will help explain how you can help with upcoming events for your classroom and the school as a whole.
    • Attend our Work Days. Upcoming work days can be found HERE and in the Parent Volunteer Section of the Website.
    • Work at the School Store. Email Meredith for more information.
    • Help prepare hot lunch.   You can find sign-up sheets posted by the parent mailboxes, and sign-ups will soon be available on our website volunteer page.
    • Plan to help with upcoming festivals:
      • Pumpkin Walk — Parents design and build the stations the children visit during the Pumpkin Walk. Parents also help younger children carve pumpkins in class. For more information, speak with your Parent Council Representative.
      • Children’s Festival — During the Children’s Festival, many volunteers are needed the day before for set up, the day of the festival to take tickets and run activities, and for a few hours after the festival for clean-up. For more information about how to help at the Children’s Festival, contact Lerryn Campbell.
    • Save some time for the Annual Auction Benefit. Every year, over 50 people are needed to make the Auction a reality for Spring Garden. Volunteers are needed beginning with planning in January all the way through staffing the event in April and following up with winners. For more information, contact Sandy Conley.


Thank you for your talents and time!


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Service – The 100 Hour Club 

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By Hazel Emery, M.Ed.

Our school is supported by the time and talents of many volunteers.Food The volunteer efforts of our community help to reduce costs, accomplish projects more quickly, and support the festival life of the school. Service hours also help us to demonstrate to foundations and other funders the level of support coming from our parents and friends. Volunteers have supported the maintenance of the building and grounds, the development of the roof project, the hallway lighting project, the Monster Dash, the Children’s Festival, the Mardi Gras Bash, Annual Giving, the Spring Auction, the School Store, and the hot lunch program – just to name a few.

Many parents far exceed the minimum volunteer hours required in the yearly contract. Thank you to the following SGWS families that completed more than 100 volunteers hours last year.

100 hour club
Lerryn Campbell and Greg Matias
Katie Greenwald
Meredith and Greg Hansen
Joanne and Joe Kapitan
Regan and Bill Kirkland
Jennifer May, Lois Weir, Bryan and Jennie May
Diane and Al Miskinis
Deb Monaco
Tyra and Jeff Scott


Please check the sidebar in our Tuesday Notes for Service Hour opportunities or the volunteer opportunities page on our main website. Parents can also always stop in the office if they have questions about volunteering at SGWS.
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SGWS Dismissal

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Welcome back!SlowChildren Children are dismissed at 3:20 every day. Any child not picked up by 3:30 will be taken to Aftercare, which is held in the gym or out on the playground. Please come in to sign your child out of Aftercare.

During 3:20 dismissal, parents may either park and pick their child up, in person, from their place near the front entrance, or they may pull into the circle and children can walk to the car and get in.

If a parent needs to speak with faculty, staff, or another member of our community, we ask that they park in the lot and pick children up in person.

Here are some tips for picking up your children during this time:

  • Please always drive 5 mph while on school grounds.
  • Please put your cell phones away before you pull into the driveway.
  • Please turn your radio down or off when you enter school grounds to support our peaceful and calm atmosphere.
  • Please do not park or leave your car after pulling into the circle. Parking in the circle is prohibited.
  • Please pull forward to fill open space in the circle. Do not stop in front of your child, but instead fill all open space ahead of you before stopping to allow more cars in the circle.

Thank you!

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Fall Parent Child Classes

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01314pcOur Parent / Child classes offer a warm, enriching environment for children ages 18 months to 4 years old. Parents are nearby to observe and interact as their children are guided through the morning by the gentle rhythm of circle time, creative play, snack and story time. Parents are encouraged to discuss child development and parenting issues with our experienced Waldorf teacher.    
Session Schedule: 
Sessions are once a week from 9:00   – 11:00 a.m. for 7 weeks 

On Thursdays,September 11th – October 23rd – CLICK TO REGISTER
On Fridays, September 12th – October 24th  – CLICK TO REGISTER
On Saturdays, September 13th -October 25th  – CLICK TO REGISTER


  • $200.00 for one child and parent(s)
  • $100 for each additional child
  • Families who enroll for the entire year will receive a 10% discount.

For More Information:

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Grade 1-8 Drop Off FAQ

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School begins on Tuesday, August 26th! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about SpringGardenlogoGrade 1-8 drop off procedures.


When is drop off?

Drop off is between 8:15 and 8:30.


Where do I drop off my child?

Drivers can drop off students in the circle near the front door and then continue on.  Parking, however, is not permitted in the circle area. You will see No Parking Signs in this area.  This means you cannot park and come in for any reason (i.e. just to check mailboxes).  If you need to come into the school, please park in the lot.


What does my child do after being dropped off?

After coming inside, children should hang their lunches and backpacks outside of the classroom and proceed to the playground for Morning Recess.


Will my child’s teacher be out during morning recess?

Class 1 and Class 2 students will always have their teacher present during morning recess.  The other teachers rotate outdoor supervision duties. For the first few days, please walk your child out and greet the teacher.  Once your child is comfortable coming into the school, hanging lunches outside their classroom, and putting on their outdoor clothing to go outside then they may do it on their own.


When does school start?

School begins at 8:30. At this time, the recess bell rings and students line up to go inside their classrooms and begin their day. Children coming in after 8:30 must get signed in at the office with their caregiver and receive a pass.  Children who are tardy should proceed to their classroom once they are signed in and have a pass.  They should knock on the classroom door and wait patiently to be let in.  The teacher will not disrupt the morning opening but will let the child in once opening is finished.  They may need to wait a few minutes.


Is there Before Care?

Before care begins at 7:15.  Before care is located in the First Grade classroom. Children will put on their outdoor clothes with the help of the before care teacher, if needed, and then be walked to their class teacher (early childhood) or sent outside for morning recess.


Can I come in with my child?

Yes! Caregivers can walk into school with the student(s).  Park in the lot on the right (near the meadow & fence) or park to the far left against the grass near the Sports club pavilion property. When walking in with students, please walk into the front door only.  The door in the early childhood wing is locked and not for general entry. It is used only to take young children to The Meadow and Early Childhood teachers kindly ask that students use only the front door for entry.


Where do I park?

If you’d like to walk in with your student, come to the school store, or plan to speak with faculty or staff, please park in the lot on the right (near the meadow & fence) or park to the far left against the grass near the Sports Club pavilion property.


Where do students and/or parents walk in?

Please have students walk into the front door only, located under the overhang adjacent to the circle drop off area.  The door in the early childhood wing is locked and not for general entry. It is used only to take young children to the meadow and Early Childhood teachers kindly ask that students use the front door only for entry.


When should my child wear their outdoor clothes?

Every day, rain or shine, if your child is a student in Grade 1-4. It is easiest if they come to school wearing their appropriate outdoor rain or snow gear. This includes rain pants, boots and jacket. And snow pants, boots, jacket, hat, gloves and scarf in winter. Children are encouraged to be kids and get dirty at recess. These items ensure that children are dry and clean in their classrooms.


Do they wear outdoor gear if it’s sunny and hot?

Yes! Teachers will make the call as to whether the children can shed their outerwear items as the day goes on, but morning dew requires all students in Grade 1-4 to wear outdoor clothes each morning.


What if we’re late?

Children coming in after 8:30 must get signed in at the office with their caregiver and receive a pass.  Children who are tardy should proceed to their classroom once they are signed in and have a pass.  They should knock on the classroom door and wait patiently to be let in.  The teacher will not disrupt the morning opening but will let the child in once opening is finished.  They may need to wait a few minutes.

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