Children’s Festival 2015 – A Magical Day

by Hazel Emery M.Ed.

CFest5DebThank you to Lerryn Campbell and the many helpers that helped bring the 2015 Children’s Festival to life! We are proud to say that thanks to these efforts, we were able to raise a total of $6,300! $500 will be donated to Project RISE to support homeless children in Akron, and the remaining $5,800 will be used to support professional development for our teachers.

The day was a success by many measures. Many new faces visited our school on this day and enjoyed the magic. We enjoyed entertainment from numerous alumni, including Patrick and Anna Fields, Elle Edwards, and Sarah Caley, who shared their vocal and instrumental talents. We also enjoyed the lovely music of Akron native, Zach. Later in the afternoon, our handwork teacher Caty Petersilge shared her talent on the violin with the crowd. Children were captivated by the magic of the Boat Room and Cookie Fairy, and they enthusiastically enjoyed the jump rope, peg people, and felt pouch crafts. In addition to our regular attractions this year, we also were able to offer yoga demonstrations and hosted tours of the new roof.

ZachWe’d like to express our gratitude to John Fellenstein from the University of Akron for operating the Cartesian Diver Experiment. We’re also grateful to Zach Freidhof and Elizabeth Vild, who brought us the zero-waste project, and we’re proud to note that we were able to welcome over 600 visitors for a six-hour event and create only one bag of trash, with all of the other waste being sorted into compost and recycling. A heartfelt thanks goes to Ed Cote, who once again hosted our free rock stacking activity. And of course we are grateful to the many vendors in the Artists’ Market for supporting our school and sharing their wares with us!

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