Children’s Festival Artists’ Market Vendors

What will you see at our Artists’ Market at the 2016 Children’s Festival, Nov. 19th from 10am-4pm?

On the way over to our Garden Cafe, for delicious homemade food for everyone (vegan and gluten free included), you’ll see the handmade wares of different artisans who often work in natural materials/fibers and engage in good, old fashion craftsmanship.

Here is our list of the Artisans and what they will be selling on Saturday the 19th:

  • Patricia Bakos — Gemstone trees and rock items.
  • Karen Burrows — Wool items and embroidery.
  • Maria Copetas — Handmade jewelry and home décor.
  • Barbara Damron — Handmade puppets and note cards.
  • Miriam Daniel — Handmade paper cards and felted wool pins. See More Here:
  • Brian Harvey — Handmade Jewelry and sculpture. See More Here:
  • Randi Hodge — Whipped butters and essential oils. See More Here:
  • Jennifer Joseph — Handmade glass jewelry. See More Here:
  • Cole Schwan — Imaginative play items. See More Here:
  • Krystal Tomlinson — Handmade felt plush animals and playsets. See More Here:
  • Sarah Vradenburg — Fair trade jewelry, scarves and art.
  • Steve Yurick — Bio orbs with plants.
  • Marjorie Zampgna — Upcycled clothing, home goods and décor.
  • Andrea Zeno — Bags, jewelry and dolls made from recycled fabric.

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