Class Six Country Presentations

Class 6 4Class Six children study both the rise and fall of Rome and the affect Greek and Roman culture had on European civilization up through the Middle Ages. As part of that study, the sixth graders chose a European country to research. They are asked to research the people who live there, country flag, common occupations, recreation, foods, language, clothing, and more.

Students in sixth grade are ready for new challenges in their thinking as they prepare for being young adults in middle school where they will be asked to think of themselves as part of a greater whole. As part of this transition, the country project is not just a paper or class presentation, but an event Class Six hosts for the third, fourth and fifth grade classes.

This year, each Class Six student made a poster board representing what they learned about their country and presented the information to their school mates, who then were allowed to tour the presentations, ask questions about the countries and sample food students prepared related to their country.  Parents were invited to attend as well.

This year, everyone enjoyed Copenhagen potatoes, perogies, strudel, gingerbread, and Irish soda bread to name a few.

Here are some more pictures from this year’s ceremony.

Class 6 5

Class 6 2

Class 6 3

Class 6 1photo (1)

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