Class Six Knighting Ceremony

IMG_1261As Class Six students emerge at the end of their school year, they are no longer considered “young” and are ready for a new Right of Passage.  As our Class 6 teacher, Cate Hunko, says:

“While the body is busy growing, it is time to challenge their thinking in different ways. We do this pretty well in Waldorf Schools as the curriculum has ramped up and is a bit more challenging with more writing, abstract math concepts, physics, challenging artistic activities etc. The children also begin team sports, participate in Medieval Games, and they are asked to take responsibility for their actions no matter how small, which typically involve peer interactions.”

IMG_1267At the end of the school year in sixth grade, the students perform service projects (such as working for the Cuyahoga National Park System) and participate in self reflection exercises and peer observation exercises. All of this is in preparation for this Knighting Ceremony.  Where each child received a scroll which contains observations by some of their teachers as to the knightly (soul) qualities observed:  For example: a student might read that they are an, “excellent, observant and listener,” a “beautiful artist,” or a “curious and fun with great sense of humor.”

From this point on they move forward in service as young adults ready for middle school where they will be asked to take on more responsibility both at Spring Garden and in the greater community at large.

Here are some more pictures from this year’s ceremony.




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