Creativity in the Classroom

Waldorf teachers build creative learning into every classroom and work to bring a personalized, multi-disciplinary education to students. That is why this TED radio hour resonates so strongly with us at Spring Garden. Listen in as NPR interviews Sir Ken Robinson about building creativity into the classroom. It intersperses Q&A with blurbs from his two most recent TED talks about education.

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Here are some great quotes from after the click:

“In LA, I came across a well intention-ed policy statement.  . . . ‘College begins in Kindergarten.’ No it doesn’t! Kindergarten begins in kindergarten.  A three year old is not half a six year old.”

“Intelligence is highly dynamic and interactive . . . and most of what happens to move the world forward comes from people making connections between different ways of thinking.  Schools tend to frustrate the principle of dynamism because they become rigidly organized into separate subjects and into age groups.”

“Every one of us is a unique moment in the whole of human history. There has never been anyone like you before and there won’t be anyone like you again. In schools though, with the emphasis on conformity and standardization, all these individual differences get bleached out.”

“Diversity, dynamism and uniqueness of intelligence are at the heart of the kind of education systems we should have and they also represent to some extent the dynamics of creativity.”



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