Early Childhood Drop Off


KidsonTeeterTotterSchool begins on Tuesday, August 26th! If you’re new to Spring Garden, and even if you’re not, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Early Childhood drop off.


What is The Meadow?

The Meadow is the Early Childhood only play area for our students in Pre-K and K classes. It is behind the fence adjacent to the right hand parking lot. It is divided from the older students’ playground by a small creek and the outdoor stage area.


When is Drop Off?

Young children are to be brought to The Meadow between 8:15 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.


When does school start?

Early Childhood Classes begin at 8:30.


Do I bring my child to The Meadow?

Yes. Please walk young children into the The Meadow and help them locate their teacher.  Please join your child in saying good morning and shaking their teacher’s hand each day.  This is a small gesture with much wisdom behind it.  It is the beginning of teaching children to be comfortable approaching and speaking to adults and at the same time gives the teacher a glimpse into the child’s approach to the day.


When should my child wear their outdoor clothes?

Every day, rain or shine, if your child is a student in Early Childhood. Have your child come to school wearing their appropriate outdoor rain or snow gear. This includes rain pants, boots and jacket. And snow pants, boots, jacket, hat, gloves and scarf in winter. Children are encouraged to be kids and get dirty and these items ensure that children are dry and clean in their classrooms.


Do they wear outdoor gear if it’s sunny and hot?

Yes! Teachers will make the call as to whether the children can shed their outerwear items as the day goes on, but morning dew and Meadow mud requires all students in Early Childhood wear outdoor clothes each morning.


What if we’re late?

Children coming in late must get signed in at the office with their caregiver and receive a pass.  If the early childhood students are still in the meadow at this time, the caregiver and child can then proceed to the meadow and give the teacher the late pass when they meet to greet each other.  If the class is already in the room, please knock softly at the door and wait patiently for the teacher to come and welcome your child.  It may take a few minutes as the teacher will not disrupt circle time to answer the door.


Is there Before Care?

Before care begins at 7:15.  Please walk in with younger children. Before care is located in the First Grade classroom. Early Childhood children will put on their outerwear and be walked to their classrooms at 8:15 to meet their teacher and proceed outside for morning recess.

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