Ed Choice Scholarship and Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship

800px-Pencil_sharpenedSpring Garden Waldorf School accepts Ed Choice scholarship students. Families must apply and be accepted to Spring Garden before they can apply for one of the state-funded scholarships. Scholarship applications are accepted between February and  April and are available to students who attend a low-performing public school.

More about EdChoice 

The Ed Choice Scholarship provides up to 60,000 state funded scholarships to students who attend low performing public school buildings.  The scholarship must be used to attend private schools that meet requirement for program participation.  Spring Garden Waldorf School is a participant in this program.

Who is eligible to apply for EdChoice?

The following students are eligible to apply for an EdChoice scholarship:

  • Students currently attending a designated public school in their resident district;
  • Students attending a public school in their resident district who will be assigned to one of the designated public schools for the upcoming school year;
  • Students currently attending a charter/community school whose assigned home school is a designated public school building;
  • Students eligible to enter kindergarten for Fall 2014 (and who will be age 5 by June 1, 2014 (SGWS deadline for age) who would be assigned to one of the designated public school; and
  • Students enrolling in an Ohio school for the first time who would be assigned to one of the designated public schools for the upcoming school year.

Students who DO NOT meet any of the preceding eligibility criteria may still be eligible for the EdChoice “expansion” scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade for Fall 2014;
  • Student does not live in the Cleveland Municipal School District; and
  • Family household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

If you feel one of these programs may serve your family, please see Amy Hecky for more information or visit http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Other-Resources/Scholarships/EdChoice-Scholarship-Program.  This link provides step by step instructions to help you determine if you are eligible for one of the above programs.

2 thoughts on “Ed Choice Scholarship and Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship

  1. Hello Jill,

    Thanks for writing. I am forwarding your comment to our Admissions Director and she can answer your questions about EdChoice. Thank you for considering our school for your daughter. Take care.

  2. My daughter is going to enter 2nd grade will she be able to get the expansion ed choice?i would love her to get out of the city schools.the behavior is awful.thank you taking the time read this. Sincerly,Jill

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