FaceBook Internet Privacy

Many of our parents are online and share pictures of family and friends and sometimes school information online in social media sites. FaceBook is, by far, the most popular. Did you know that FaceBook often updates its website and when this happens many privacy settings reset to default settings, which make information like pictures and profiles public?

In order to protect our extended family’s privacy, we wanted to post this information about privacy settings on FaceBook in case our community members want to ensure their online privacy.

First Step:

  • Go to the small flower-esk icon in the top right toolbar.
  • Click it and scroll down to privacy settings.
  • Choose whatever setting you like by clicking the edit link to change from public to friends or friends of friends.

view-facebook-timelineNext Step *Important*:

When people tag you or your children in a photo, which then links to their FaceBook profile, you can choose who sees these as well.

  • In Privacy Settings click – Timeline and Tagging on the left. See Figure 1
  • Look at the section labeled: “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?”
  • Edit this according to your comfort level.

Final Step:

  • Check your settings by logging out and viewing your profile as a member of the public.
  • Then login with a friend’s account and view your profile.


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