Frequently Asked Questions – Raise the Roof Capital Campaign

What is this Raise the Roof Capital Campaign all about?

SGWS-RTRcapital_logoRGBA capital campaign is a drive to ensure we have the physical resources for the long-term success of SGWS.  In this case, our campaign is about the roof, which you all know has been leaking for some time.  We have patched it and placed buckets in the hallways, but that is no longer a workable solution.  Not only does the leaking roof impair our ability to provide our children with an outstanding learning environment, but it also impacts enrollment.  It’s imperative we put our best foot forward when prospective families visit, and having them sidestep drips and puddles is not a great first impression.   

We are calling this campaign “Raise the Roof” for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s about putting a new roof on our school.  Second, we are raising the necessary funds to pay for that roof.  And third, the phrase “raise the roof” implies excitement and joy, which is what our school community is all about.


Why the roof and not some other worthy project?

As mentioned, the roof is leaking significantly, and it is critical we address that problem today.  That does not mean we don’t recognize the school has other important needs, and the relationships we are building through this campaign – especially with the charitable foundation community – will be critical in securing support for other projects in the near future.  This roof project is an introduction of SGWS to the local philanthropic community.  It’s also been an introduction to our neighbors, many of whom have swung by the school to see what we’re doing.  Excitement is building, and this will build relationships that will help us with so many of our needs long into the future.


What kind of support have we already received for this project?

The Board of Directors of SGWS were the first to give to this project – and every member made a gift or pledge.  We have received other gifts from organizations and individuals who believe in the work we do and are willing to support it.  Finally, our contractor has been our partner in this project, finding ways to keep costs down and secure resources.  We have been blessed by so many generous offers of help, but we cannot successfully complete this project without the support of our school community.  And your contribution will have a double impact.  Yes, the dollars you give will help pay for the roof, but you will also be sending a message to the philanthropic community that the SGWS family is behind this project.  That kind of endorsement gives us credibility as we seek grant funds.



Can I pledge my gift over a period of time or do you need it all up front?

Annual gifts may be pledged over the period of our school year, and this year’s gift needs to be paid in full by June 30, 2016.  We need these funds during this school year to pay our teachers, provide our children with learning resources, and offer the outstanding educational and enrichment programming that we all have come to expect of SGWS.

Your gift to the roof project can be pledged over a two-year period and will be due in full two years from the date of your pledge.  We have found that donors like this extended payment schedule because it allows them to support this capital improvement project at higher levels than if they had to pay it in full by the end of the school year.

Of course, you are free to pay both your annual and capital campaign gifts all at once as well.


If I commit my support to the roof project and pledge over two years will you still come back to me next year for the Annual Giving Campaign?

Yes, we will.  Remember, the roof project is an investment in the long term sustainability of our school.  The Annual Giving Campaign funds day-to-day operations.  Both are vital to our success.


Can I pledge my support now for more than one year of the Annual Giving Campaign?

Absolutely!  Please call Amy Hecky to work out the details.


How can I pay my gift or pledge?

All of the standard payment methods you’ve been using for payment of your Annual Giving pledge will be available to you for payment of the pledges you make here:  your MCA, a credit card, check, or cash.  For extended pledges, we will send you quarterly reminders so you can see where you stand.


Who do I call if I have questions?

Amy Hecky is your contact and can be reached at or 330-666-0574.



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