Garden Curriculum Update from Mr. Grimes

Dear Parents,

Oh how excited I am as the 2012-2013 school year begins.  The completion of the greenhouse and cultivation of the field behind the school allows for a full range of curricular possibilities.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you what will be happening throughout the grades at the beginning of the school year.

Classes 1 and 2

Our students will be observing and experiencing the colors of nature.  Sunflowers, vegetables, zinnias, marigolds, pumpkins that turn from green to orange, ripe tomatoes that stay green with zebra stripes, and plain old dirt provide every color of the rainbow.  Gnomes, fairies, Native American lore and the stories and travels of Chief Mato will bring nature and color into the imagination; and artwork will help express the imagination.

Class 3

Who wants to be a farmer?!  My primary role is that of assistance to the main lesson teacher. From start to finish, Class 3 will create their garden, learn how to use gardening tools, figure out what good soil is, and plant and eat their garden.  This is the ABC’s of gardening and also a cultural journey to figure out why people started doing this and why they still do it.  Who wants to be a farmer?!

Class 4

Fresh with the knowledge and experience of creating a beautiful garden, Class 4 might be thinking they are off the hook in 4th grade.  Much of Class 4’s experience this fall will be in the raised bed and cold frame area around the greenhouse.  We will start the year with measurements, and how to carefully space plants to create a maximum use of space. As Fall deepens, we will delve into elementary plant forms and shapes, specifically those forms and shapes of Native Ohio trees and shrubs.

Class 5

In addition to being supportive of the main lesson teacher in botany, we will start the year off with liquid measurements and very basic observations and measurements of plants and plant growth.  A Gardening Log book will help them track their observations through creative writing, growth logs and art.

Class 6

The beginning of the year will focus on greenhouse and large field growing techniques and management.  As we progress into the fall, Class 6 will focus on the business side of growing and help with one of two of the plant sales this fall, the primary focus of their endeavors being in the area of business math.

Class 7 and 8

Extending the growing season, greenhouse and large field growing techniques and management are the initial fall focus areas for class 7 and 8.  We will also focus on the similarities and differences between plants, animals and humans through creative writing, artwork, experimentation, and interaction.

I am most excited at seeing and working with all of your children again.


Kind regards,

Mr. Grimes

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