Important Announcement for SGWS Families

Our Annual Giving Campaign needs you. Currently we only have 60% participation from our currently enrolled families, but we need 100% of families to donate if we hope to receive grants from outside sources. They figure, if you don’t support Spring Garden, why should they?!

We need every enrolled family’s help, no matter how small the gift. So, please donate an amount comfortable for your family and ensure we are funded in the future.

Be the Difference and support SGWS today. Please donate now for our teachers, for our staff, for our community, and, most importantly, for our children and their futures.

CLICK HERE to go to our donation website. Once there you can click the “Donate Today” button to donate online.

Even $100 is meaningful. Your contribution helps make the Waldorf Difference by funding the materials we need for our wonderfully diverse curriculum. A $100 donation could buy:

  • 14 paintbrushes
  • Enough seeds to plant our entire 1/2 acre field
  • Four wooden soprano recorders
  • 28 main lesson books
  • 2 days of electricity
  • Four 8-oz. bottles of watercolor paint
  • 12 skeins wool yarn

Please donate today!

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