Inspiring Student Essay

We wanted to share this wonderful essay written by Spring Garden Waldorf seventh grader, Jerome Hume.


by Jerome Hume

The American Heritage Student Dictionary defines hope as “to look forward to with a feeling of expectation or confidence”.  Hope is what drives people to try even when the odds are against them.  Hope can make you believe in the impossible, and without it people don’t even try.

Hope is what gets you through when your brother is in the army and you want him to come home safe and soon.  When you’re really sick and you don’t know if you’ll ever get better, hope is what helps you fight through.  Hope is what makes you believe your lost dog will be found again.  In this bad economy, hope is the only thing some people have.  And even Cubs fans have hope.  That’s why they keep going to the games.

Hope is the most powerful resource you have.  It help you push through obstacles and the best part about it is no one can take it away from you.  Hope will always be your greatest ally.

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