Journalist Workshop for Grade 7 & 8

In the month of September, 7th and 8th grade students at Spring Garden Waldorf were treated to a three-part, in-depth media mentoring workshop with successful writer and television producer David Kettlewell.

David is an active author, who has reached over half the physicians in America each month with his articles published through the 7 publications of Premier Healthcare Resource, Inc. He also maintains a successful career as a producer of radio and TV shows, including over 200 public service TV and radio shows on health topics.

David contacted Spring Garden to be included in a new series he is producing called Sustainable Life. He wanted to work with the kids at school, not only on producing the program segment, but also giving them an insider view of the world of writing, producing and television.

In a three part workshop, David and his dog, worked with students on writing ethics, technique, story structure, pitch making, and even grammar. All with characteristic style, humor, and constant interaction, which kept the kids engaged.

In one class session, called upon student volunteers came up while David read their work aloud, gave writing tips along the way, and then discussed both the intentions and impact of their work. After several of these sessions, David moved on to an article pitch workshop where he helped young hopeful freelance writers boil ideas down to basics as they role played with an editor (David).

He also got to the heart of creativity in writing, asking the kids to toss their criticism about their work into the middle of the room so it could be lit on fire.

“Your self criticism is not serving the greater good. Instead of those thoughts, think, ‘How can I make a contribution?’”

He explained that his nuggets of wisdom about creativity served a specific purpose in the craft of writing: “I want to help you have a writer’s mindset — to be questioning, open, and courageous. I want you to also understand the responsibility of writing. When you write, you are guiding people.”

David then used modern and historic examples illustrating the power of written word.

According to David, he had a multi-purpose intention in hosting the workshop. “I want to teach the ethics of journalism without calling it ethics 101. And, I want students to know that everyone has a voice, everyone has the power, to participate in the dialogue of life through media.”

Thank you David!

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