Meet the Faculty – Q&A with Alyssa Humes

Alyssa has been teaching Grade 1 this year at Spring Garden. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Akron.

What is your favorite quote about teaching or education?

“Teaching is learning twice.”

How did you first hear about Waldorf education?

I attended Spring Garden Waldorf School from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Along the journey I realized I wanted to be just like my 1st through 8th grade teacher. So here I am years later, fulfilling my dream!

How long have you been teaching? How long have you been teaching at SGWS?

I graduated from the University of Akron in Fall 2009. I was substitute teaching at Spring Garden and other public schools until this school year, when I was hired here as an assistant first grade teacher.

What was your favorite trip/vacation? Where did you go and what did you do?

My favorite trip was in high school when I went to Europe. I visited six countries in 21 days, and it was the experience of a lifetime.

What is the most interesting thing about you that most people don’t know?

Having been a student here growing up, there is not much people don’t know about me, but I am an only child. I am very open though; I like to be around other people, and I am very open about many things.

What has changed about Spring Garden since you started working here?

So much has changed since I started working here, and it has only been 3 months! The school store has been moved to a bigger area, the front office has been rearranged beautifully and is now more welcoming,  the early childhood pick-up has changed and so much more! Change is always happening at Spring Garden, and for the better.

What is your dream for the future of Spring Garden?

My dream for the future of Spring Garden is that the faculty continues to be open and caring, the students continue to love to learn, and the families continue to value education.

What is your favorite book?

I am an avid reader, so it is hard to choose just one, but  my favorite series is probably the Harry Potter series. I grew up along with Harry and therefore it is very close to my heart.

Who is the person that has had a profound effect on your life and choice of path? Why?

Marie Paul, my 1st through 8th grade teacher, has had a profound effect on my life. I decided in 6th grade that I wanted to be a teacher just like her, and since then she has always encouraged me, given me confidence when I needed it, helped me through hard times, and has supported me every step of the way towards becoming a teacher. Even now that I’m a teacher, she is a constant supporter and is always there when I need help.

What is your favorite subject to teach?

Well, I haven’t had experience teaching many different subjects, but I like letters and numbers best. Teaching slowly at a pace the children can understand and be excited about the stories behind the forms is so wonderful.


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