Movement, Games, and the Waldorf Curriculum

JeffTThe Parent Council is hosting a presentation by Jeff Tunkey of the AHE Friday, February 7, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. at SGWS to discuss the role of movement and games in the Waldorf curriculum.  Jeff is a member of the Aurora Waldorf School faculty and the Association of Healing Education board.

There is a growing body of research in education and neuroscience about the link between learning and movement. Studies have shown that physical changes from exercise can boost cognition, such as the increase in blood flow, brain mass, and neuron development. But research like this study about critical thinking and dance, or this one done through Seattle Public Schools, also connect dots between boosted academic performance and learning through movement.

For several years, our guest speaker, Jeff Tunkey, has been the Games (Gym) teacher, Care Group Coordinator, and, until recently, Extra Lesson Teacher at Aurora Waldorf School. He is an experienced speaker and has led several faculty workshops. You can learn more about Jeff’s work on his website

For more information about this upcoming event, email Diane Miskinis.

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