Movie Showings at Spring Garden

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Join us for our upcoming series of educational films and conversation.

December 5th: 9 a.m. Consuming Kids-The Commercialization of Childhood.  This movie throws light on the practices of the multi billion dollar marketing industry that sells kids everything from junk food to video games.

December 19th: 9 a.m. The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner. This documentary tells the story of his life, interwoven with contemporary examples of how his ideas and insights have influenced pioneering work all over the world in education, agriculture, medicine, finance and the arts.

January 23rd: 9 a.m.  Mother Nature’s Child – Growing Outdoors in the Media Age.  This documentary explores the essential ways nature experience promotes children’s well-being, contributes to the future of the planet, and nourishes the human spirit.

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