Moving Through the Grades – Class 4

EducationinActionCropMoving on in our series of class by class curriculum, we review the Fourth Grade curriculum section from the Moving through the Grades chapter in the book Waldorf Education: A Family Guide by Fenner and Rivers, © Michaelmas Press.

This chapter was written by Karen Rivers, editor and author of Chanticleer, a former quarterly publication for Waldorf Schools.

She says, “The fourth grader is at odds with the world. … There is an earnestness stemming from a new awareness of just what they are up against in the world. Therefore every possible opportunity is given to meet these oppositions … in ways in which the child can have the experience of crossing and at the same time be led towards a wholesome resolution.”

Here is a summary of curriculum highlights for each subject:




Language Arts: Norse Mythology, grammar composition, comparative studies, stories of heroes, vocabulary and spelling. As Eugene Swartz at Millennial Child says, “The Norse myths that we will study in fourth grade are filled with laughter — raucous laughter, hilarious laughter, and sometimes derisive laughter. With their powerful wills, their contentious natures and their love of adventure, the Norse gods serve as a remarkably accurate reflection of the fourth graders who study them.”

History: Geography and local history — taking time to learn about Native Americans indigenous to Ohio.

Math: Word Problems, fractions, long division, averages and factoring.

Science: Zoology and comparison of man to animals. Fourth grade is the first stepping stone to the science curriculum in grades 5-8. We start with the animal world, which as Swartz says is, “the closest “kingdom of nature” to the human being,” and the move on to study the plant, mineral, and human kingdoms, along with laboratory science.

by Michaelmas Press

by Michaelmas Press

Music: Students are introduced to the violin, two part singing begins, recorder and music reading continues.

Handwork and Art: Celtic form drawing, cross stitching and clay and watercolor continue.

Foreign Language: Grammar, writing and reading in Spanish and German.

Gym: Rhythmic exercise, gymnastics, kickball and softball.

For more information about Spring Garden Waldorf’s unique Class 4 curriculum, speak with or email our Admissions Director who can also put you in touch with our current Class 4 instructor.






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