New Around School

HomeClassTrip1The new year brought many new changes to Spring Garden. We have building improvements large and small including new lighting in the middle grades hallway. We would like to thank Facilities Manager Frank Vargo, Site Committee Chair Ross Miller, Steve Denney, Bill Kirkland, and Greg Matias for their hard work in finishing the first stage of our lighting upgrade, and they hope to have another hallway done over the coming weekend.

We also have changes afoot in early childhood. Be sure and congratulate Marina Rana, who has been hired as the new Extended Care Lead Teacher. Miss Marina has a bachelor’s degree in education and had been working as Mr. Ryan’s assistant before taking over his position.

We are also welcoming new families to SGWS this month. Fin Jones, whose brother Auggie is in Grade One, joined Miss Kathy’s class last week. ┬áSam Daniel, son of Miriam and Virgil Daniel, also joined the school last week as a Pre-K student in Miss Julie’s class. Cicely Koren, daughter of Brett and Chicory Koren, joined Grade One on Monday. Please take a moment to welcome our new parents to the SGWS community.


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