Online Auction Time!

Items that were not sold on the night of the Auction are now available for bidding on our Online Auction Website. CLICK HERE to peruse the catalog of items, most of which can also be seen in the display case in the school lobby. Items will be available for bidding through May 9, 2014, unless they are snapped up by an eager bidder using the “Buy It Now” option.

Here are some of the items available:

Our Lady of The Elms Basket



Where is your middle school daughter heading for High School? If you answered, “Our Lady of The Elms,” then this basket is for you! In addition to cool Elms swag, the lucky bidder receives $500 off one year’s TUITION.
Certified David B Design Metallic Image – Museum

Akron_oh_art_museum_zThis 12 x 18” Certified, David B Design Mounted Metallic Image Print comes Framed In Black. It is signed and dated by David B Design w/ Certificate of Authenticity Label.




Learning Assessment


You are bidding on a learning assessment for your child or adolescent, which includes a diagnostic interview, psychological/psychoeducational/neuropsychological testing, review of results, and formal report, by Dr. Magleby, a clinical neuropsychologist.




$50 off Weekend Classic Party for 25
Pump_it_upEnjoy $50.00 off a party for 25 at Hartville’s Pump it Up. Having a party at Pump it Up makes planning easy. Packages include private inflatables playtime, a team of supervisory staff, setup and clean up of the party room, online invitations and complimentary paper products.



Martial Arts or Cardio Kickboxing Classes (1)

Enjoy ONE MONTH of Martial Arts Classes or Cardio Kickboxing at World Champion Martial (WCM) Arts. Gift Certificate includes a free uniform for one child. WCM focuses on building character as well as fitness and self-defense skills: improving discipline, confidence, respect and listening, and focus, as well as mental and physical coordination, balance, flexibility, and fitness. All of this is done within a martial arts curriculum that teaches life-long skills for wellness and self defense.

Child Care Credit w/Enrollment


This gift certificate is good toward enrollment fees to The Infant Connection Program — a Holistic Family Day Care Home that focuses on recognizing the child as a whole being. Holistic development of the child is encouraged. Children are guided in enviromental awareness, the opportunity to explore both their culture and creativity within the classroom and the community and much more. The Infant Connection offers meals made from whole foods, home cooked, often organic, free from hydrogenated oils, and additives.

Est. 1988 – the owner has a B.A. in Family and Child Development. For children ages Birth to 5 years old.

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