Our School Store: The Story Behind Shannon’s Soaps

We’re starting a new series on the blog highlighting our talented school store vendors, many of which are parents, teachers, and friends of Spring Garden. This week, Shannon Trepka of Shannon Soaps talks about why she started her business.

The primary motivation behind the founding of Shannon’s Soaps was genetics – more specifically skin conditions inherited by my husband Brian.  His sensitive skin had difficulty coping with store-bought soaps – even the higher-end ones from certain mall-dwelling bath stores.  I began by making “melt and pour” oatmeal soap (so named because you melt larger blocks of soap and pour it into molds, adding color and fragrance) with supplies purchased from a craft store.

When the craft store stopped carrying soap making supplies, Brian found a recipe online for making oatmeal soap the more traditional way – with fats and lye, and suggested that I try mixing up a batch.

I was a chemistry major in college, and a former Science and English teacher, but I still told him he was crazy. Then a couple of weeks later I tried a batch of oatmeal mint and the whole family loved using it.  And I loved making it!

Encouraged by my family and friends, I started Shannon’s Soaps, which sells handcrafted bath and body items.  Recently, I set up a website, featuring soaps, bath salts, lotions, and bath fizzies at http://www.shannonssoaps.com, and made arrangements for the Spring Garden Waldorf School’s store to carry select items, many with all-natural ingredients.

Robyn, my 4-year-old daughter, is a sensitive skin sufferer, and my best salesperson and customer!

So, stop by the store next time you’re at the school and check out what’s available from Shannon’s Soaps.  As with the other items in the store, part of the sale price goes to benefit the school.  Beyond this worthy cause, you’ll be buying a quality, handcrafted personal care product.

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