Online Auction Time!

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Items that were not sold on the night of the Auction are now available for bidding on our Online Auction Website. CLICK HERE to peruse the catalog of items, most of which can also be seen in the display case in the school lobby. Items will be available for bidding through May 9, 2014, unless they are snapped up by an eager bidder using the “Buy It Now” option.

Here are some of the items available:

Our Lady of The Elms Basket



Where is your middle school daughter heading for High School? If you answered, “Our Lady of The Elms,” then this basket is for you! In addition to cool Elms swag, the lucky bidder receives $500 off one year’s TUITION.
Certified David B Design Metallic Image – Museum

Akron_oh_art_museum_zThis 12 x 18” Certified, David B Design Mounted Metallic Image Print comes Framed In Black. It is signed and dated by David B Design w/ Certificate of Authenticity Label.




Learning Assessment


You are bidding on a learning assessment for your child or adolescent, which includes a diagnostic interview, psychological/psychoeducational/neuropsychological testing, review of results, and formal report, by Dr. Magleby, a clinical neuropsychologist.




$50 off Weekend Classic Party for 25
Pump_it_upEnjoy $50.00 off a party for 25 at Hartville’s Pump it Up. Having a party at Pump it Up makes planning easy. Packages include private inflatables playtime, a team of supervisory staff, setup and clean up of the party room, online invitations and complimentary paper products.



Martial Arts or Cardio Kickboxing Classes (1)

Enjoy ONE MONTH of Martial Arts Classes or Cardio Kickboxing at World Champion Martial (WCM) Arts. Gift Certificate includes a free uniform for one child. WCM focuses on building character as well as fitness and self-defense skills: improving discipline, confidence, respect and listening, and focus, as well as mental and physical coordination, balance, flexibility, and fitness. All of this is done within a martial arts curriculum that teaches life-long skills for wellness and self defense.

Child Care Credit w/Enrollment


This gift certificate is good toward enrollment fees to The Infant Connection Program – a Holistic Family Day Care Home that focuses on recognizing the child as a whole being. Holistic development of the child is encouraged. Children are guided in enviromental awareness, the opportunity to explore both their culture and creativity within the classroom and the community and much more. The Infant Connection offers meals made from whole foods, home cooked, often organic, free from hydrogenated oils, and additives.

Est. 1988 – the owner has a B.A. in Family and Child Development. For children ages Birth to 5 years old.

Get Ready for May Day

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MayDayDuring the first week of May, we celebrate the arrival of spring and the coming in of summer. Cold dark days are behind us, as we look forward to slower moving, warmer days ahead. We breathe out along with the earth, with flowers, music, singing, and dancing.


On May 2nd, The festivities begin in the morning as Early Childhood students welcome spring in the meadow. At 11:10, children in the grades begin a processional to the Pavilion at the Sportsman’s Club. Children then pair up with their buddies to begin a scavenger hunt, led by Grade Six students. Following the scavenger hunt, all students, teachers, and parents in attendance join together for lunch and lemon cupcakes, a Spring Garden tradition.


After lunch, we make our way toward the open field. After an opening verse, our May Day celebration begins, with younger students weaving ribbons round and round while older students play accompaniments on the recorder. Finally, the community takes part in a garden blessing before an early dismissal at 2:00 p.m. (Aftercare will be available until 6:00 p.m., just as on any early dismissal day.)


We hope you can join us for fun and frivolity in this delightful celebration of the changing seasons!

Cob Oven Workshop hosted by Alumnus

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SGWS alumni, Kelly Brown, will be teaching a cob oven workshop in Akron May 3 and 4.  The two day workshop introduces participants to natural building.  In two days, they will construct a cob (traditional earthen, wood fired) oven from beginning to end with each participant leaving with the confidence to build their own backyard oven.

Kelly Brown is an artist who combines many different mediums of expression through inspiring photography, videography, design, fiber arts, and fine finishes. Since joining the Dream Weavers Collective, she has honed her skills in natural building with a special interest in design and plasters.

Bring your curiosity, questions, excitement and work clothes! Location will be given at the time of registration.

Register HERE:


Let The Medieval Games Begin!

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CastleOn Thursday and Friday, April 24 and 25, Grade Six students will travel to the Cincinnati Waldorf School for the Eighth Annual Medieval Games (or as veteran parents call them, the Mud-Evil Games). It is always delightful to watch our children engage in the curriculum in meaningful, purposeful ways, and it’s especially rewarding for students to share the experience with students from Waldorf schools in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The competition includes sport such as jousting, archery, moat jumping, and tug-of-war.

This is a hands on experience of sixth grade curriculum, which studies Medieval history in depth. Class Six children study the rise and fall of Rome and the affect Greek and Roman culture had on European civilization up through the Middle Ages.

As shared by our friends at the Cincinnati Waldorf School:

The students are hosted overnight by CWS families and then arrive the next morning at our Meshewa campus for a day filled with jousting, steeplechase, archery, dungeon escape, log cross, moat jumping, tug-of-war, and of course, lots of mud! The event combines history, ethical conduct, Bardic Circle presentations of music and verse, and physical challenges in a Medieval tournament. The chivalry, steadfastness and valor that each student displays at the Medieval Games is truly amazing. The fun, friendship and memories of this experience will last a lifetime.

To learn more about this exciting event, please click here.

SGWS Chess Champions

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MiaMayaMaya Miller (Class 6) and Mia Scott (Class 5) participated in the Ohio Scholastic Chess All Girls State Tournament on Saturday, April 14th.  The event was held at St. Rose School in Perrysburg, OH.

Maya finished 1st in the K – 12 Reserve Division.  Maya was the only participant to achieve a perfect score (5 wins)! Mia finished 2nd in the K – 5 Non-Rated Division.  Both Maya and Mia currently practice chess at Discovery Montessori with their after school chess program.

Mia’s brother Andrew Scott and Maya’s brother Rowan Miller, will also compete with Maya in the Ohio Elementary State Chess Tournament on Saturday, May 17th in Columbus, OH.

Congratulations to all our chess champions! Great job!

Alumni Writes Winning Essay about SGWS Teacher

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218This Saturday, April 12th, SGWS alumni, Sarah Welton, will be honored for her winning essay about Spring Garden Waldorf teacher Marie Paul. The My Favorite Teacher contest, sponsored by Barnes and Noble, declared Sarah the winner of the 9-12 grade essayist category for her entry about her Spring Garden Class 1-8 teacher. In addition to be honored for her local win, Sarah will also have her essay entered in the regional B&N contest.  Congratulations to both Sarah and Ms. Paul!

Here is Sarah’s winning essay:

“Whenever I am asked about the influential people in my life, my thoughts immediately turn to both my parents and to Marie Paul, the wonderful person who served as my teacher for first through eighth grade. She is a beautiful person and a great friend, always there to listen and always there to help. I have much reason to admire her.

Spring Garden Waldorf 2014 Auction Catalog (1)Among her many talents, her ability to teach not only from the text but through her own actions shines bright. As a teacher she taught me in such a captivating and enthralling way. She encouraged me to want to learn and to enjoy learning. In the way she taught, she let us make our own conclusions and formulate our own opinions on the subjects we studied, and would always hear us out as we expressed these opinions.

She has always been a wonderful listener, many times I’ve found myself going to her for advice or just for someone to talk to. She has listened intently and offered heartfelt opinions, forever encouraging me to follow my dreams and aspirations. I truly admire this about her. For my classmates and I, she was not only involved with our school lives, but would check that we were doing well at home and with friends. She was always looking out for us, and when I see her now she always checks in to make sure I am doing well.

The dedication and work she puts into her teaching is astounding, often I would come in to school to find that she had drawn, in beautiful color, a map on the chalkboard or had sketched a portrait of a French king we were to begin studying. In addition, when we were to write about these subjects she would give us neatly written articles that she came up with herself. What I enjoyed about these was that they contained the necessary information and made it clear in a way we would understand.

She molded our entire education around who we were and around our individuality. She encouraged us to create our own ideas, and gave information that we were free to interpret in  our own way. For example, when we learned about the Greeks and Trojans, we heard the story from each side’s perspective so that we could be open to different ideas and not decide blatantly that one side was good and the other evil. She taught us to be accepting to different views and showed us how to look at things from different perspectives, which I believe has helped me throughout life.

Even after I graduated in 2012 and left my wonderful teacher, she continues to teach me. Not only did she teach me what was required, but she taught me how to be kind, generous, and accepting. Every time I see her she teaches me something new. She has always been there for me and she has always looked out for me, and for all she has taught me, I am grateful.”

Class 5 State Fair

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Main Lesson subjects expand in Grade 5 to include, History, Botany and Geography in addition to Mathematics and Language Arts. North American geography is studied both physically and culturally, meaning the physical understanding of landscapes (mapping and make-up of mountains, rivers and prairies) is linked with the way human life has been lived in each region such as how humans used natural resources, developed industry, and produced crops

As part of this curriculum, each Fifth Grade student is given a state to research. They then present to class their findings by creating a poster board, making a food that represents the state, and speaking about their given state to the rest of the class. Students then all take part in the Class 5 State Fair, where grades 3 – 8 tour and ask each student questions about their state.

Here are some wonderful pictures from this year’s Class 5 State Fair.

photo 2 (2)

 photo 1 (1)

photo 1

photo 1 (2)

photo 2

photo 2 (1)