Parent Talk: Transitioning in Grade 2

We spoke with SGWS parent, Randi Hodge, about her family’s experience having their daughters, Sienna and Ella, attend Spring Garden Waldorf. Sienna transferred in from a local public school system into grade 2. Ella joined our early childhood program.

What made you consider different school options?

We’d tried a few different school settings (public, Montessori, and private), and had trouble keeping our oldest engaged and connected to learning.

What attracted you to SGWS initially?

We knew nothing about SGWS, and were probably initially attracted because we thought we’d exhausted our options and were open to anything different than what we were doing at the time.

Why did you ultimately choose SGWS?

Since we hadn’t felt settled with different school options over the years, Spring Garden was a quick and easy decision for us during my first visit.  I knew I loved it when I toured the school and spoke with admissions, but when I sat down with the teacher, who’d just spent some time in the classroom with our eldest child, I was sold.  For the first time in discussions about my child’s temperament and learning, my concerns were neither dismissed nor exaggerated.

How was the transition for your child from their old school to their new school?

She was anxious, excited and sad to switch schools since she knew no one at SGWS.  She seemed to work through those feelings quietly during the first two weeks, then, during the third week, I vividly remember her getting into the car after school, and telling me a story and laughing.  She’d been fun and full of energy since day 1, and we hadn’t realized how much of that we’d lost until it came back.  It was pretty amazing to see.

Would you recommend SGWS to a family considering a new school environment? If so, why?

Absolutely.  SGWS truly addresses the whole child.

What advice would you give a family with a child coming into Spring Garden next year? 

Trust yourself (if you’re trustworthy lol) in your decision for your child, which flows into trusting the teacher.

And also, maybe second year parents touch base with first year parents, as it can feel overwhelming to navigate the differences as a new parent. By second year, it made perfect sense.  First year I remember being constantly confused, but wasn’t sure who to reach out to as I hadn’t made too many connections yet.


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