Parent Talk: Transitioning to Spring Garden


“It’s not about creating cookie-cutter versions of who they think they should be, but about guiding them to simply be the best version of themselves.”

We spoke with SGWS parent, Barb Beaty, about her family’s experience having their child, Chelle, transfer into Spring Garden Waldorf from a local public school system in the third grade.

What made you consider different school options?

Our educational experience up until Spring Garden Waldorf, left both our daughter Chelle, and ourselves feeling defeated, frustrated, angry, and disappointed. But the most haunting was in witnessing how our former school system seemed to feel justified in dimming our child’s light.  

What attracted you to SGWS initially?

Originally, Chelle and I had attended a Parent/Child class when she was two. I loved the warmth, the organic learning, the balance of free play, structure, and age appropriate responsibilities. I loved that my child could just be a child, within a nurturing community.

Why did you ultimately choose SGWS?

For our daughter’s well being, Spring Garden Waldorf School was not just a conscious choice, but the only choice. The values reflected in the curriculum, guidance, and community is in alignment with how we wish to live as a family.

How was the transition for your child from their old school to their new school?

Each new experience can be somewhat scary, so initially we held our breath! But after a very short period of time, we knew that Chelle was finally “home”. Her light began to shine bright once again.

Would you recommend SGWS to a family considering a new school environment? If so, why?

I would recommend none other than Spring Garden Waldorf. All one has to do is step within the doors of the school to experience what I believe every child should… children who are happy about learning, children who are joyful in their play, children who are confident in their abilities, and invested instructors who gift the world our children, through supporting and nurturing each child as an individual within a compassionate community; not in creating cookie-cutter versions of who they think they should be, but in guiding them to simply be… the best version of themselves.

What advice would you give a family with a child coming into Spring Garden next year?

Don’t wait 🙂

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