Potatoes for St. Pauls

ProudPotatoSpring Garden Waldorf School and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Akron, have joined forces to feed West Akron on Wednesdays.

This year 50 pounds of potatoes have been grown and harvested by our students and families at Spring Garden.  St. Paul’s has used the donated produce for their community meal – a free sit down dinner where all are welcome for food and fellowship.

Suzanne Smaltz, volunteer at St. Paul says they are grateful for all donations and feel the dinner is meeting local need. “One young woman was excited that it was a true community dinner and she didn’t feel as if she were accepting a handout. The longer we host the dinners the more stories we hear; the needs of our local community are many and varied.”

But, of course, we at Spring Garden benefit too. As Director of Admissions, Amy Hecky, explains, “We let the children know that their hard work is going to very good use. This helps them take pride in what they do in our gardening program, in addition to learning where their food comes from and spending time tending to nature.”

As part of their curriculum, Third Grade children at Spring Garden harvest Fall vegetables planted by last year’s Third Grade. This current class will also plant new vegetables from seed in the Spring, so that the next Third Grade class can harvest them in Fall of 2014. Also, SGWS families volunteered time to harvest potatoes on a Saturday morning.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our St. Paul’s donation. Here’s some great photos of digging in the dirt!







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