Pumpkin Walk

The children love this magical night of the Pumpkin Walk. On this dark cool night, children walk slowly within a path of glowing student-carved pumpkins, visiting their own dressed up teacher and all the festive teachers who pass out treats.  After they wind their way, with their families, through the path of decorated booths, children come into the gym for cider and baked goods and can enjoy them out by the bonfire in the oval.

Here are a few more details about this wonderful celebration:

  • Class 1-8 students bring a pre-gutted pumpkin (that they can carry themselves) to class on Oct. 29.
  • Don’t forget a bag on pumpkin walk night for treats.
  • Please walk through as a family and prepare for wet ground.
  • Please dress in non-violent or gory, media free costumes.
  • Please help your class with its festival responsibilities if you can.

Since younger children take longer to proceed through the path, we recommend staggering pumpkin walking times as follows.

Families with:

  • 5 and unders – 6:30-6:45
  • 8 and unders – 6:45 -7:00
  • 10 and unders – 7:00-7:15
  • 10 and up – 7:15 – 7:30

Be sure and take your child’s pumpkin home for proud display. Can’t wait to see you on Halloween!

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