Sarah Caley is Junior Coach for Girls on the Run

SarahGOTRAfter participating in Girls on the Run for two seasons, SGWS 7th grader, Sarah Caley, is becoming a Junior Coach to give back to the organization that gave her a great community experience.  Sarah is a Junior Coach for the Girls on The Run (GOTR) team at Old Trail school in Bath.

According to the GOTR Cleveland/Akron Newsletter:

“Old Trail Coach Lisa Meranti said that Sarah is an awesome runner and brings that enthusiasm to practice every day. ‘Not only is Sarah already in tune with the Girls on the Run message, but she is also able to share that positive energy with the girls on the team,” Lisa said. “Sarah is an incredible role model for these girls. She is confident, enjoys the good things about life, makes wise decisions, is able to communicate her wants and needs and lives a healthy and active lifestyle. Basically, Sarah is a Girl on the Run!’”

In that same newsletter Sarah shares: “The GOTR lessons that really struck me the most were the ones about how to be your own person and how no one can force you to do or believe anything you don’t want to. I love seeing all these young girls gain a better understanding of life and how to present themselves.” Sarah said.

Read the article about Sarah HERE at the GOTRGS Newsletter.


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