SGWS Alum awarded Dean’s Scholarship to The College of Wooster

We sat down with high school senior and SGWS alumni, Cami Miller, to talk about her recent success in high school and her merit scholarship to The College of Wooster.

CamiboxQ: Tell us a little about your elementary school experience at SGWS.  Looking back, was there anything in particular about it that you now find beneficial as you make decisions in life?   

A: I attended SGWS from the end of third grade through sixth grade, at which time I transferred to the Honolulu Waldorf School. SGWS is still by far my favorite school I have ever attended. The friends and teachers I met there have impacted my life in an amazing way.  I came to SGWS stressed out from public school and considered a slow reader by their standards. By the end of my SGWS experience I was a care-free, engaged sixth grader who read at a high school level. Spring Garden taught me to love learning and reading which is something I have carried into my high school years.   


Q: What was your journey at St. Vincent’s and how did that lead / contribute to your being awarded the Dean’s Scholarship for the College of Wooster?

A: I came into St. Vincent- St. Mary High School a very eager student. My freshman year I was a three sport athlete in the honors track academically. Throughout the next two years I was able to find my groove at the school. I began to focus more on volleyball and I gave up basketball and track. I played for my school and for Junior Olympic clubs and I am very happy to say I will be continuing to play volleyball at The College of Wooster. I also became more active in the clubs at STVM. I became involved in Spanish Club, Multicultural Club, National Honors Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. This year I started volunteering regularly at the Haven of Rest with some of my classmates and teachers. All of my clubs and extracurricular activities have allowed me to find a few of my passions including helping others and exploring different cultures. Academically, I have worked hard and had very good outcomes over the years. I have made Honor Roll every quarter of high school and I have received multiple Excellence Awards in a few subjects including math and English. I think that my diverse activities and strong work ethic is what lead to me receiving the Dean’s Scholarship.


Q: How do you feel about receiving this scholarship?   

A: I am extremely proud to have received the Dean’s Scholarship. It makes me very happy to see my hard work pay off. It also makes me confident that my hard work in college will hopefully lead to great things later in the work field.


Q: What do you plan to study in college?

A: I have not decided on a major yet, but I am interested in anthropology and at least one other language. I love learning about and experiencing new cultures. It is a dream of mine to be bilingual and one day live in a another country. My language of choice right now is Spanish because I have been taking it since third grade and I love it. My second choice is German because this past summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Germany and meet my family that I have living there. Another reason I am interested in foreign languages is because I hope to be able to enter the Peace Corp after college and knowing another language is very helpful with that. With whatever I end up studying I hope I will have to opportunity to travel the world and help people.


Q: What advice would you give to other SGWS students, say our eighth graders about to go off to high school … about the transition, the high school years, and then choosing/applying to college?

A: To all of the eighth graders at SGWS: enjoy your time at that school. There’s no place quite like it. High school might seem big and scary to you now (trust me I was terrified), but don’t stress about it too much. Just take it one step at a time and enjoy each moment. It passes by in the blink of an eye! Find what you love and work hard at it, it makes time go by and memories that last forever.


Thanks Cami and congratulations on becoming an inspiring young woman.  Good luck at The College of Wooster!




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