SGWS Dismissal Rules & Info

The start of a new school year is a great time to remind parents of the rules we have established for picking up students in grades one through eight in order to keep these busy times as safe as possible for students, parents, and teachers alike. 

When picking up students at dismissal here are 3 primary things to remember:


  • 1-5 — Grades one through five students are dismissed directly to a parent or guardian that is waiting in the car line or has parked and walked to the dismissal area.
  • 6-8 — Once the student has checked out with the teacher monitor and the teacher monitor can see the adult responsible for pick-up, students in grades six through eight may walk to a car parked along the Sportsman Club.  
  • Please stay in your car while in the pickup line.
  • Please pull forward.
  • Please do not engage in long conversations or socializing in the pickup line.
    While we encourage you to speak with your teachers, dismissal is not an optimal time. Our teachers’ first priority during dismissal is to ensure the safety of all students waiting to be picked up. If you need to have a longer conversation with your child’s teacher, please park your car and wait until all children have either been picked up or taken to Aftercare.


  • There is no parking on the circular driveway at any time.
  • There is no parking at any time in the gravel driveway on the west side of the gym.
  • If you need to come into the school when you are dropping off or picking up your child, you must park either in the west parking lot (near the Early Childhood Meadow) or by the Sportsman’s Club.
  • Please do not block the pass-through driveway between the Sportsman’s Club and the SGWS parking lot.

Safety First:

  • Do not stand or play in the Oval between 3:15-3:30 while traffic is moving through the pick-up line.
  • The speed limit on school grounds is always 5 mph.
  • Put your cell phones away before you pull in the driveway. The dangers of driving while talking or texting are well-documented, and we’d like to eliminate those dangers on school grounds. Your attention should be entirely focused on driving when you are on school grounds.
  • Please turn your radio down or off when you enter school grounds to support our peaceful and calm atmosphere.
  • Do not pass or try to cut through the line of cars waiting to pick up students.
  • If you wish to park in the west lot (near the Early Childhood Meadow) and there is moving line of cars for circle pick-up, please wait in the line until you reach the parking lot entrance.


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