Students Learn Math Running a Business

Spring Garden Sixth Graders get a taste for entrepreneurship and a thorough grasp of business math during their Business Math Main Lesson Block.  Collaboration, innovation and teamwork abound during this 6 weeks as students work together to develop, create, market and sell products at the Annual Children’s Festival and Artists’ Market.

In Waldorf Education, experiential learning (learning through experience) is used to bring relevancy to lessons by letting students learn through doing. Passive learning about business math through lecture and note-taking, say about interest loan calculation, would make the subject dull for most 12-year-olds. But student curiosity and engagement comes to life when they must procure loans from their parents (and calculate profit, loss and interest owed) in order to make and sell wares at the Children’s Festival.

img_0883Our Sixth Grade students begin the block brainstorming products to sell at the festival. Once the prototypes are created and items for sale are chosen, students create a business and marketing plan, procure loans, calculate profit and loss, and explore assembly line and other optimal production techniques.   

This all requires a thorough and applicable understanding of decimals, percentages, change making, timesheet and interest calculations, while also layering in previous skills students learned about basic mathematical functions.

A culmination of all their hard work can be seen at the Sixth Grade vendor table at our Nov. 19th, Artist Market in the gymnasium. Students will work their booth to run their businesses and sell their products, hopefully at a profit and not a loss!

If you see our Sixth Graders in the gym on Saturday, stop by and admire their wares. And if you like what you see, open your wallet and make a child’s business dreams come true!

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