Social Skills in the Waldorf Curriculum

Grade5As part of the Waldorf model of educating the whole child, the teachers at Spring Garden make great efforts to nurture and develop our children’s sense of themselves as social beings.

A feeling of social inclusion is key to a child’s happiness and success in school, and the conscious development of social skills from an early age may be one of the most lasting benefits of a Waldorf education.

The Waldorf model takes the long-term view that, as with academic learning, healthy social interaction must be self-motivated. Our teachers seek to provide students with important social skills that will enable to them interact compassionately with others, to create a sense of community, and to confront and resolve conflicts within their community.

For more about social skills in the Waldorf Curriculum, read this three part series from professor and Waldorf parent Stephanie Greer.

The Classroom as Community

Progress Not Punishment

Using the Curriculum and Long Term Goals

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