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Eighth Grade Buddies

Eighth Grade Buddies

Each grade at Spring Garden Waldorf School does something unique, special only to their individual grade, and sometimes the kids know what special event awaits them the next year and the parents do not!  So we wanted to post a guide to some of the events associated with each class year.

Class 1 – Working with their 8th grade buddies.  It starts with the Rose Ceremony and continues with help getting chairs for assembly, to ice skating, to walking together for ice cream at the end of the year. First graders form a special bond with their buddies, who guide them through the rhythm of life at Spring Garden.

Class 2 – Our saintly Santa Lucia sweeties, dressed in white, bake and deliver bread to the entire school for our Santa Lucia celebration in mid December.

Class 3 – Let’s garden! Let’s build! Third graders are ready to create something out of “nothing.” They start the year with a building project and create something valuable to the school community such as benches, a shed, a storage cabinet, etc. When spring comes, they receive seeds for their garden from last year’s Fourth Grade harvest. They plant the vegetables and fruits that they will then harvest as Class 4 in the fall.

Class 4 – Time to reap what they sowed as Class 3. They collect their bounty, make a community meal for the school, and then gift the seeds to Class 3, so the cycle can continue. This is also the first year the children go to overnight camp in September at Y-Noah. For some, this will be there first time away from home.



Class 5 – This year it’s all about the Pentathlon. The students learn about the Greeks  in main lesson and train to compete in a multi-school competition. The competition is in the spring, and students will travel with their families to Ann Arbor, Michigan to compete against other 5th graders from six area Waldorf schools.

Class 6 – Students begin a service project for the school and the community at large this year, in preparation for their Knighthood in the spring – a rite of passage marking their readiness to focus beyond themselves and give back to the world. This coincides nicely with Medieval studies and Medieval games, which take place every spring at the Cincinnati Waldorf school, where they will see the same children again, which they competed against in last year’s Pentathlon.

Class 7 – It’s all about the Renaissance in grade 7. Students prepare to be hosts for the Renaissance fair, hosted every year in spring at Spring Garden Waldorf School. They travel with Class 8 to Cleveland to see a Shakespeare production from the Great Lakes Theater company and also to visit and study relevant art from their time period of study at the Cleveland Art Museum. Students this year also build their own kilns and make and bake their own sculptures.

Class 8 – Two major projects occupy the head, heart and hands of eighth graders – The Shakespeare class play and the transformation of a log into a chair, crafted by each student, that they will sit on at graduation.

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