Spring Garden 2012 Events Post

This post is particularly for our new parents, but everyone may find it handy!  Like at most schools, here at Spring Garden, we hit the ground running.  So here’s some basic information about scheduled events that happen early on in the school year. For more detailed info, please talk with your class teacher, the office, and other parents.


On August 24th, we have our new family orientation in the Spring Garden gym at 6pm. New parents should plan to attend. This orientation is followed by a welcome back dinner for new and existing families. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about upcoming events.

Rose Ceremony

August 27th is our first day of school and we begin this year, as we do every year, with the Rose Ceremony to welcome our first graders to formal schooling. The eighth grade and first grade class have special roles in this ceremony and parents from grade 1 and 8 are encouraged to attend. Oftentimes, older early childhood students will attend the ceremony as well (to see what awaits them next year), while younger students continue with their regular preschool day.

Class Meetings

The beginning of September brings a series of meetings to the calendar. New parents should note the Class Meetings on the 13th, 18th and 25th.  These are required meetings held by your classroom teacher to discuss the goings on and other news for your class.

Many new parents ask about “Parent Council Meetings.” These meetings welcome everyone, but are specifically held for the assigned parent council representatives from each class. If you are not this representative, then you do not need to attend these meetings.


On September 28, we have kite flying during the afternoon, early dismissal, and then hold our Michaelmas play at 6:30PM.  Grade 1-8 parents should plan to attend and see their children participate in the Michaelmas play. Class teachers will have more information as the event draws near.

Halloween Festival

The evening of October 31st brings Spring Garden its beloved Halloween Festival, also known as the “Pumpkin Walk.” Parents play a special part in this day – decorating a themed booth for their class, where the teacher sits to pass out candy.  Children also carve pumpkins for the festival that are beautifully lit and line the trail walked to collect goodies. Children walk through the school grounds with their parents to collect their treats and then are welcome to cider and snacks in the gymnasium.

Parent Conferences

On November 1st and 2nd, required Parent-Teacher Conferences are held.

On November 7th we have our new parent tea.  Please come and ask questions, meet other new parents, and give us feedback about your experiences at Spring Garden.

Children’s Festival

Much of October and November, you will hear about the Children’s Festival held on November 17th. The Children’s Festival is held all day on Saturday and is a parent run function that the children adore. Each grade level is given a leadership role for a particular activity for the day. The Friday before the festival, the school is transformed into a community fair, in preparation for the hundreds of people that come through the doors to enjoy our creative spirits and partake in the day’s festivities. All are encouraged to participate.

Advent Spiral

And finally, on November 29-30, all students take part in the Advent Spiral. This ceremony is a sacred time to celebrate the dark days of winter. Volunteers are needed for setup and to make music while the children carry their candles and light the spiral.

Looking forward to an exciting start to 2012!


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