Spring Garden Alumni Created NBC Olympic Logo

Northeast Ohio native and Spring Garden Waldorf School alumni, Nate Howe, designed the Olympic logo for NBC 2012’s coverage of the games. Nate transferred to Spring Garden after what he described as being “disengaged, unmotivated and unconnected” to his public school education. Nate continued on in Waldorf education for high school. He is now an EMMY® Nominated multidisciplinary creative director and designer based in LA and has a client list including Coca cola, MTV, Oprah, and Ford. See Nate’s portfolio of work at http://www.nathanielhowe.com.

SGWS admissions director Amy Hecky spoke with Nate about how his schooling influenced his creativity and career.

“SGWS set a foundation for me at a critical time in life.  In my public school, there was no value or respect for art. Plus, teachers and students lacked diversity in their thinking and their awareness of a world outside of their day to day interactions. Spring Garden opened my eyes to an appreciation of human diversity and art.”

Nate told Ms. Hecky that SGWS “changed my outlook on education and life” and noted class trips to Chautauqua Institute and Niagara Falls among other experiences that brought him to the belief that “things are possible and I had the inert ability to go out and do them.”

According to Nate, “SGWS began a chain reaction of positive things in my life.”

When asked if going to school without technology had a negative impact on his techno-centric career, Nate said, “There is a time and place for technology.  It is not for young children.  It is a tool.  It should not be used in place of human interaction or as a distraction.  Students in upper grades could benefit from exposure to using technology as a tool to create, but young children should have their lives rooted in reality first and then be introduced to technology later.”

So what kind of education will Nate choose for his own children?  He says Waldorf education is the best — for him and for his family. “Waldorf education fosters values, morals, creativity, diversity and endless possibilities. And Spring Garden allows children to be sensitive and to be themselves in a safe environment. This nurturing atmosphere provides space for growth in exponential ways.”

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