Spring Garden Halloween Festival

PumpkinWalkGirlsThe Annual Spring Garden Halloween Festival will be held on Thursday, October 31st, from 6:30-8:30 pm at our school. The children love this magical night of the Pumpkin Walk. On this dark cool night, children walk slowly within a path of glowing student-carved pumpkins, visiting their own dressed up teacher and all the festive teachers who pass out treats.  After they wind their way, with their families, through the path of decorated booths, children enjoy cider and a bonfire in the oval, weather permitting.

Many volunteers are needed to make this magical event a success. Please check the window in the Main Office for the sign-up sheet posted there.

Details about The Walk:

To keep foot traffic light, we recommend that students in Early Childhood through Grade 3 attend the Pumpkin Walk promptly at 6:30, with older grades to follow. After 7:15 p.m. the Pumpkin Walk will be closed, so please arrive by 7:00 p.m. Parents must walk through with their children.


Your Child’s Pumpkin:

Students in Grades 1-8 should bring a cleaned, gutted pumpkin to school on Monday, October 28. Pumpkins will be carved at school during the week. Early Childhood students should follow the guidelines for bringing pumpkins distributed by Early Childhood classroom teachers. Carved pumpkins will create the pumpkin walk around the outside of school.

  • Please make sure your child’s name and class are written on the pumpkin in a visible location.
  • Please be sure that the size of the pumpkin is easy for your child to carry.
  • After the festival, please collect your child’s pumpkin from the path to take home.

Costume Policy:

Please remember our school spirit and dress code, and choose costumes accordingly. We request:

  • No media or commercial characters
  • No gruesome, extremely scary, violent, or gory costumes


Your Class Station:

Each class will create and support a Pumpkin Walk station. Early childhood classes together will provide one station, so in total there will be nine stations. Your Parent Council representative will initiate the planning process.

Parents from each class will:

  • Design and decorate their station, using the costume policy described above. Please include some type of lantern in your design (no electricity will be available).
  • Determine and provide 200 treasures or nut-free treats to distribute at each station.
  • Class teachers will be distributing treats/treasures for each station.
  • Clean up their station after walk or at end of festival.

Ensuring the success of this event requires whole community support. Please feel free to contact your Parent Council Representative with questions, concerns, or comments.

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