Spring Garden Seeking Strings Teacher

Spring Garden Waldorf School is seeking a part-time Strings and Orchestra Teacher. This person will be responsible for providing instruction to children in grades three through eight beginning in the fall of 2017.   

The ideal candidate will be an experienced teacher, who demonstrates the followings skill and knowledge: strings instruction, ensemble direction, music theory, music arrangement and transposition, knowledge of other orchestral instruments, and basic instrument maintenance.

The successful candidate will demonstrate that he or she can create an engaging and well-structured curriculum and learning environment. We seek a colleague committed to building strong collegial and parent relationships, and someone who is committed to self-development.

Bachelor’s degree required; Waldorf training and experience preferred. Work hours for the position are approximately 18 hours over three days.

Submit resume to learn@sgws.org, and include the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line.

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