The Spring Garden Tree


Have you seen the beautiful tree in our lobby? This art installation, which will recognize donors to our Raise the Roof Capital Campaign, is a collaborative creation of a local business and several local artists, including an artist from our parent community.

The work began with a drawing from our go-to creative designer, Susan Panning, of Lime Creative. From there, SGWS parent, Joe Milone — who spends his days creating retail design displays nationally at On Q Solutions — built the actual 3D tree model adhered to the wall. Then another parent, who is also a local artist, Ursula Rauh, brought our tree to life with detailed painting to make the tree trunk and limbs look realistic.  

Finally, we commissioned local artist and Akron Art Prize winner, Michael Marras, to create our tree’s canopy and leaves. Michael, born and raised in Akron, is also the local artist who made the tree outside of Hazeltree Designs.

We not only pursued this creative endeavor to brighten and enliven our lobby, but also to thank our donors from the Raise the Roof Capital Campaign. Getting a new roof on our school has been critical to the longevity of our building and the safe education of our children.
While critical, donating year-over-year to a new roof might not feel as exciting or fun as contributing to some of our other fundraisers. We hope this beautiful tree inspires everyone who has given and all who may still give because our school’s canopy is essential to the life of all those thriving beneath.

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