The Spiral of Light

One of Spring Garden’s most beautiful festivals has arrived: The Spiral of Light. This calm, reflective and musical event is an experience in how one’s inner light glows forth, even at this time of extreme darkness.

As singers fill a darkened room with music, each child follows a spiral path of evergreens to a central, lit candle, lights a candle, and returning outward, places that candle along the spiral path. The aroma of pine, the music and the calm inward and outward walking creates a meditative environment; reflective of the experience of walking a labyrinth. From a single, central candle, the children add light to the spiral with their own candles, and at the conclusion, there glows forth the shared light of each child: from a single light comes many.

While parents and grandparents of students in the lower grades are invited to join their children’s classes for this festival, the 7th and 8th grade spiral is a private experience, attended only by the students and their teachers.




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