The Annual Giving Campaign Has Begun!

AnnualGiveBoxLast week families received their pledge packages for this year’s Annual Giving Campaign, and already the pledges and donations are rolling in! We have 100% participation from our Board of Trustees, bringing us to 16% of our goal of $25,000. 100% participation from our entire community is important. We need everyone’s help because having 100% of families, faculty and staff donate is essential when we submit grant requests.

Not only that, but your contribution helps make the Waldorf Difference by funding the materials we need for our wonderfully diverse curriculum. A $100 donation could buy:

  • 14 paintbrushes
  • Enough seeds to plant our entire 1/2 acre field
  • Four wooden soprano recorders
  • 28 main lesson books
  • 2 days of electricity
  • 12 skeins wool yarn

As Board President Karen Hodge noted in her letter, “We need your help to continue offering the Waldorf Difference to our community. Tuition and fundraisers cover the majority of costs of the outstanding classroom experience our children enjoy each day, but not all of it. The annual campaign bridges the gap. Truly, every dollar raised through the campaign benefits our children.”

Take a moment to make your tax-deductible pledge today. You can pay with check or credit card, or charge your donation in monthly payments through your MCA account. Drop your pledge card in the box in the lobby, or click here to make an online pledge today!


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